Sask Energy gouging taxpayers

Regina, Saskatchewan, April 12 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is outraged that SaskEnergy is gouging taxpayers not once, but twice. GPS Leader Victor Lau notes SaskEnergy generated a profit of $73-million last year. Lau says the profit would be acceptable if the natural gas Crown Corporation wasn’t also asking for a rate hike that will see the average natural gas bill rise by $28 per year per household. “SaskEnergy is gouging taxpayers, not once but twice. Clearly earning a huge profit is not enough for the company.” Lau points out that the profits earned should be enough for SaskEnergy to get by on. “This rate increase is absolutely ridiculous. Perhaps the provincial government should stop raiding the Crowns and let Sask Energy reinvest their enormous profit to keep our energy rates low.” Lau also says, “If SaskEnergy was a Crown Cooperative, every Saskatchewan user would have received a dividend cheque of more than $73 each.” The GPS supports the conversion of Crown Corporations into Cooperatives.

Come on out to celebrate Earth Day at Victoria Park!

Saturday, April 20, 10:00 a.m.  –  Victoria Park, Regina

Come celebrate Earth Day and hear an update about the future of the 1.6 million acres of community pastures Ottawa returned to the province. Speakers will include:

  • Trevor Herriot   Spokesperson for PPPI
  • Laura Stewart   Environmental Consultant
  • Jim Harding   Retired Professor of Environmental and Justice Studies
  • Victor Lau   Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, the Third Party

GPS Leader challenges uranium sale as irresponsible

Regina, Saskatchewan, April 7 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) wants to know why the Saskatchewan Party Government and NDP Opposition support exporting uranium to China. GPS Leader Victor Lau points out that China is struggling to keep North Korea under control. “If China is unwilling or unable to keep North Korea under control, how can our citizens be assured that Saskatchewan uranium exports won’t be used to build nuclear weapons?” Lau says Saskatchewan should end uranium sales, period. “We may live to regret sending uranium to a nation, any nation, that could turn around one day and use that uranium to drop bombs on Canada,” says Lau. Lau notes that it is irresponsible for Saskatchewan to potentially contribute to the expansion of nuclear weapons or nuclear power in East Asia.

Convention 2013: Ballot Packages Mailed

2013 Annual Convention (“AGM”)

Saturday, April 27, 2022   10:00AM-4:30PM

(Registration 9:00 to 10:00)

Craik Eco-Centre

A package was mailed “to everyone who is a member in good standing of the Party, or has had their membership lapse within the last year” (Bylaw 10.9), on Saturday 16 March, containing information on candidates for Executive office, information on resolutions submitted, and secret ballots for mail-in voting.

Contact to request a package, if yours does not arrive in a few days, or if you did not qualify at the time but have since [re-]joined the Party, or wish to do so. Completed ballots need to be received at the GPS office by April 23, unless they are turned in at Convention.

Please consider donating to help ensure we can afford to have fair voting within the party, as well as to help us with future initiatives. Donations are typically eligible for a 75% Saskatchewan tax credit, meaning that a donation of $100 only costs $25.

Saskatchewan Greens invite Ryan Meili and Trent Wotherspoon to join

Regina, Saskatchewan, Mar 11 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is inviting members of the Ryan Meili and Trent Wotherspoon camps to consider joining the Green Party. GPS Leader Victor Lau congratulates Cam Broten on his election victory and offers the Meili and Wotherspoon members another choice, “Much congratulations goes to Cam Broten for winning a hard fight,” says Lau. “To the Meili and Wotherspoon supporters, you are welcome to join the Green Party of Saskatchewan.”

Lau stresses that it is now time to build a progressive coalition to work towards facing the challenges and opportunities of a flourishing Saskatchewan. “The Green Party of Saskatchewan is a dynamic and growing political party that is aiming to take Saskatchewan in a more ‘caring and sharing’ direction. If the NDP supporters of Meili and Wotherspoon feel this is a vision that they can support, the GPS would love to welcome you aboard our freedom train.”

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