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Regina Area Green Party Events

October 16, 2007  Candidates for the November 7 election are being finalized.  We expect to have a full slate of 58 candidates by the deadline.  To see our slate of candidates click on the Green Candidates link at the top of the yellow bar to the right.  Platform 2007 statements and supporting links have also been posted. These pages are still being worked on so check for updates.  This web site is being visited by many.  Since the GPS cannot afford expensive media ads we encourage you to pass on this web address (www.greenpartysask.ca ) to your friends and to add a link to this site on your own web site or web pages.

Jim Harding will be talking about his new book, CANADA'S DEADLY SECRET - Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System and the nuclear issue on CBC Radio on Tuesday, October 16, 2021 - between 12 noon and 1 p.m.

October 8, 2007  Candidates are being confirmed for the expected election.  As well, the GPS Platform 2007 has been posted to this site.  It is still under construction, but when complete it will connect each Platform statement with the supporting Policy Resolutions of the GPS and the Founding Principles against which all GPS positions must be measured. In addition, it will link to backgrounder articles that provide information and rationale for the positions.

Short Notice re meetings about Highgate Dam Proposal. Sept 11, 12 Click here to see letter from GPS member Elaine Hughes

.Prince Albert meeting on water protection and governance Click to see PDF poster with meeting times and dates (Prince Albert, Oct 11)

Cameron Wigmore, an Alberta Green Party member has created a web site Blog which focuses on the Nuclear Industry and Issues. Click  ** to access a blog with articles and links on the issues of Nuclear Energy in Canada and the World

The lies of the pro-nuclear lobbyClick here ** to read a Harvey Wasserman article that lays out chilling facts.

Read the new GPS Newsletter, the WEAVER in PDF format Click Here  If you are not on our mailing list and wish to receive a print copy contact us: Click Here and type "add me to your mailing list" in the subject line.

Read the September 1 GPS Newsletter Click here

September 6, 2007
Saskatchewan Resource Royalties. The Regina Area Group of the Green Party of Saskatchewan is hosting an open public meeting on Saskatchewan's resource royalties. What should be a fair rate of return to the people of the province? Discussion will be led by John W. Warnock, research associate, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Saskatchewan. Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre, 2900 - 13th Ave., 7:30 pm. For further information, phone (306) 352-0218.

September 12, 2007  MEETING POSTPONED  Watch for rescheduled date
Call for Candidates. The Regina Area Group of the Green Party of Saskatchewan is holding a special meeting to recruit candidates for the upcoming provincial election, expected in late October 2007. Members, supporters and those interested are all urged to attend. Basement meeting room, Bushwacker's Pub, 2206 Dewdney Ave., at 7:30 pm.

September 19, 2007
Ralph Nader is speaking in Regina. Ralph Nader will be speaking on the state of the world economy at the University of Regina, in the Education Auditorium, beginning at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $15, but there are free tickets available for those living on low income. The meeting is sponsored by the Social Planning Research Unit at the University of Saskatchewan. The Regina Area Group of the Green Party of Saskatchewan is organizing the publicity for the meeting. Ralph Nader has been a candidate for President for the Green Party of the United States, is the founder of the Public Information Research Group, founder of Public Interest which has led the fight against "free trade" in the United States, and has taken a strong stance against the U.S.-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In July he was the featured speaker at the annual convention of the Green Party of the United States. He is being urged by many U.S. Greens to represent the party in the 2008 presidential election. For additional information, contact the Regina Greens at (306) 352-0218.

Is the GPC out of sync with Canadians re Afghanistan involvement?  See letter by John Warnock challenging the GPC on this critical question

"Fringe Party" designation answered by GPS Leader Click here for full letter from Sandra Finley

"Clean Coal" not right path for Saskatchewan.  See John Warnock's Guest editorial for the Leader Post by clicking here.

Media Balance Lacking re Uranium Industry.  See Letter to the Editor from Marion Penna by clicking here.

Al Gore needs to educate Calvert and Sask MLA's.  Click here to read letter to the editor by John Warnock

AGM 2007 is on April 14 in Regina.  Click here to see the Agenda for the Meeting.  Note, the agenda is always subject to approval by the membership at the AGM itself. 


Sandra Finley, the leader of the GPS was the official candidate for the GPS in the Martensville ByelectionElection Day March 5.   Thanks for doing this for all of us.   Election results from Monday evening:

Candidate Name Candidate Party Votes
Nancy Heppner Saskatchewan Party 3549
John Tzupa New Democratic Party 482
Nathan Friesen Saskatchewan Liberal Party 376
Sandra Finley Green Party 97
Gordon Elias Western Independence Party 41
Nathan Holowaty Saskatchewan Marijuana Party 38
Kurtis D. Hein Saskatchewan Heritage Party 37

CCPA releases report on Canadian Income GapClick here for Press Release and links to report information

South Saskatchewan River Watershed Authority  Meetings Planned; see detail and how to get information by clicking here:

The Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; issued Feb 2, 2022, in PDF format.  You have heard about it, now read it by clicking here.

CCPA - BC proposal for a new kind of forest revenue sharing with BC Native Peoples.  Useful reading for Saskatchewan residents as well.  Click here for a PDF document file

Worst features of NAFTA  in TILMA; coming to Saskatchewan soon? Read summary of this vital issue by clicking here.

Greens making gains; National poll by environics.  Click to see summary and link

Inequality & Poverty, a CCPA Study Report. Click here for news release

Christmas, a time for hope and renewal. Click here to read a letter to the Editor by Elaine Hughes

Organic farmer in Hudson Bay area seeks interested consumers who want to be part of an organic co-op farm.  See his proposal and invitation by clicking here.


Election Canada By Election Results,  November 27, 2021 for London North Centre

% of Votes
Canadian Action
Will Arlow
Dianne Haskett
PC Party
Steve Hunter
Green Party
Elizabeth May
Glen Pearson
Megan Walker
Total Valid Votes

No surprise to anyone who has lived in Saskatchewan's inner city neighbourhoods, the Star Phoenix reports on a study showing links between where you live and health problems.  See article by clicking here.

Government Hog Barn Study MisleadingSee letter from Elaine Hughes by clicking here

Food Secure Saskatchewan now has their website up and running.  Click here to go to this site: Click here to read announcement about the formation of the Fss.

Military Adventures.  Click here for a letter posted to a forum on Stop The Hogs

Another way to kill MedicareSee article on Harper Government move by clicking here.

Call to action on climate change: Evangelical Christians take responsibility for stewardshipSee Oct 16 Statement by clicking here.

Trade Investment Labour Mobility Agreement‘ TILMA’ Meeting in Prince Albert

Where: Prince Albert Union Centre, 107 - 8 Street East
When: March 23, 2007, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Why: The Saskatchewan government is currently deciding whether or not to join TILMA
.Who: FREE event open to all.

Prince Albert & District Labour Council brings in Marv Meickel from Regina to speak on TILMA

TILMA we believe presents a significant threat to some of the things Saskatchewan citizens hold very dear, including Crown Corporations, regional economic development programs, and local hiring policies. Municipalities and school boards should also be worried about their ability to govern under TILMA.

Coffee and tea will be served


An SPR Roundtable Discussion DATE: Wednesday, December 6, 2021 TIME: 12:00 noon PLACE: Education Building, Room 438

In recent years there has been much discussion of a New Economy which promised to provide good jobs and enhance our social welfare. While some people have benefited from recent socio-economic changes, they have not been the boon to working people that was predicted. There is continuing unemployment and underemployment and poor working
conditions, and social services have been eroded. However, there are signs a truly new economy is possible, as trade unions, working people and progressive social movements continue the struggle for social justice.

Join Dave Broad and co-authors of "Capitalism Rebooted? Work, Welfare and the New Economy" for a roundtable discussion of the impact of the New Economy on work and social welfare.

Sponsored by the Social Policy Research Unit (SPR)

Everyone is welcome. Bring your lunch. Coffee and tea will be

RSVP to SPR, as seating is limited.

The Social Policy Research Unit (SPR)
Faculty of Social Work
University of Regina
Regina, SK.

Tel: 306 585-4117 Fax: 306 585-5408
social.policy@uregina.ca www.uregina.ca/spr


Richard Heinberg - Peak Oil and the End of Cheap Petroleum - November 29th, 7pm, U of R Ed Auditorium, Free Admission
Oil, War and the End of Cheap Petroleum

Journalist, educator, editor, lecturer, and a Core Faculty member of Ne
w College of California, Richard Heinberg is widely regarded as one of the
world’s foremost Peak Oil experts. He is the author of three recent books “The Party’s Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Society”, “Powerdown: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World” and “The Oil Depletion Protocol: A Plan to Avert Oil Wars, Terrorism and Economic Collapse.”

In his talk, he will argue that modern civilization is dependent on ch eap, plentiful energy. But we now face a critical moment in human history: Pea k Oil, where global petroleum production enters an irreversible decline, even as demand soars. Dwindling resources and increasing international competition for the remaining supplies have led many experts to issue disturbing warnings abo ut the coming decade. Find out how we can prepare for these coming challenges wh ile building community and striving for a sustainable future.

for more information on Richard Heinberg visit http://www.richardheinberg.com

Book signing to follow session

The Fall General Membership Meeting of the GPS was held in Saskatoon on Saturday, October 14, 2006.  Sandra Finley was elected Leader of the GPS.  With the resignation of Sylvie Charpentier from the Executive, a series of elections saw Neil Sinclair become GPS President, and Mike Fornssler became Secretary while Jayna Lacey remains as Vice President and John Warnock remains as Treasurer and Chief Offical Agent of the  GPS.  The motion to change the Constitution to create  gender parity in the GPS executive was lost while the second resolution calling for more study on the issue of a dual leadership structure for the GPS was passed.  The report of the platform Committee was accepted and additional platform priorities were identified.  Several committees were struck to underake tasks related to election readiness.  More information will be provided here later on how you can become involved in these various tasks within the GPS.


NAFTA Fails North American Workers.  See CCPA News Release and follow up to CCPA site for full analysis. Click here

Welfare study shows need for guaranteed income  See article by Conservative Senator Hugh Segal by clicking here.

Elizabeth May wins Green Party of Canada Leadership.  See story by clicking here

Natural Resources Fueling a new cold war?  Read a longer, but very informative article by clicking here.

WTO Doha Trade  Negotiations collapse possible good news? See article by clicking here.

A voice-piece for the NDP, Duncan Cameron is urging a merger of the Federal NDP and the Green Party of Canada.  The opinions expressed by Cameron are interesting and can be seen in the Rabble article by clicking here.


A fact-filled article on the global radiation pollution created by U.S. weaponsTo read a chilling article click here.

Beyond GM Foods; Is MAS Technology making GM Food obsolete?  Read article by clicking here

SSRB water flow predicted to fall.  Click here to see article.

Are wage supplements the answer for the working poor?  See a recent CCPA document addressing this question.  Click here to go to the CCPA site or click here to see the document in PDF format.

Interested in protecting our water? The threats to Saskatchewan’s water are many: climate change, exports, contamination, loss of wetlands. But solutions also abound: conservation, watershed protection, better monitoring.   Organizations and citizens are coming together to draft a Statement of Expectations to provide guidance to local and provincial governments in their critical work to protect water, the environment, and human health. The Saskatchewan Environmental Society is helping coordinate the process and is working co-operatively with a broad array of organizations and individuals. In preparation for the meeting, interested individuals can review the draft, working version of the Statement of Expectations, available at:
www.environmentalsociety.ca/issues/water/draft-statement.pdf   For more information, Contact Darrin Qualman, Saskatchewan Environmental Society, at (306) 492-4714 or at darrinq@environmentalsociety.ca

June 5,  Western Premiers, including NDP Premiers, Calvert and Duerr, said to have betrayed farmers, consumers and the environment.  Click here to see NFU analysis.

Protecting Saskatchewan Forests, a Straight Goods article, click on link to the right to see all current articles or click here to see forest concern article.

A Change of Attitude;  Will it require a change of government too?  See letter from Elaine Hughes by clicking here.

The Saskatchewan Budget has been read in the Legislature.  The CCPA has also released the Citizens' Alternate Budget for 2006 - 2007, "Getting the Balance Right"Click here for a Highlights summary or click here to see the full document.  For any serious Saskatchewan "greens" this is must reading.

Terminator Technology Rejected; A victory for people!  Click here for news article March  23, 2006

A Load of Manure  Thoughtful concerns about animal waste disposal issues.  Click here

Is local democracy under threat by Calvert government?  Read a letter of concern by clicking here.

Sweden plans for an oil-free economyRead article from the Guardian by clicking here.

Saskatchewan Environment ignores need for public reviews of hog industry "Green Strategy" process apparently is an in-house affair.  Read letter of concern by clicking here.

Nuclear Power had a bad year in 2005.  Read an informative and important article spelling out the details.  Click here.

Green vs. NDP on Sask AgricultureSee letter to the editor of the Western producer showing true comparison betwee nthese two Parties.  Click here.

A Nuclear Future?  With a renewed intertest in expansion of the nuclear industry and promotion by industry and government what should we be thinking about?  What should we be asking?  Click here and check out viewpoints on a public forum board.  Note;  The GPS is the only poltical party in Saskatchewan to oppose the nuclear industry as an acceptable option for our energy future.

Climate Change Conference in Montreal evokes some strong memories about how Saskatchewan's three main-line parties have opposed environmental reforms.  See article reminding us by clicking here.

Agribusiness profits soar while farm incomes plummetSee NFU article and link to full report by clicking here.

Greens Alone in Opposing Nuclear Expansion in Saskatchewan, see a letter to the Editor

Water SecurityConsider conservation as part of the answer.  See full article