Green Party making gains.
1/8/2022 5:30:04 PM

Conservatives and Liberals now virtually tied for voter support, with the Green Party making gains.

OTTAWA: : As 2006 drew to a close, the battle for Canadian voters narrowed, with the opposition Liberals now trailing the Conservatives by two percentage points according to a new survey by the Environics Research Group conducted in December 2006.

Party Support. Among decided Canadian voters, 34 percent would support the Conservative party if an election was held today, compared with 32 percent who would vote for the Liberal party. These latest shifts reflect a trend that began after March, when the Conservative support almost doubled that of the Liberals (41% to 22%).

The other noticeable trend is the continued growth in support for the Green Party (now at 11%, up 4 since Sept-October, and up 7 since June). Over the same period, support for the New Democratic Party has declined to 14 percent of Canadian voters (down 4 points since Sept-October, and down 7 points since June). Support for the Bloc Québécois in Quebec is stable at 36 percent (down 2 points since Sept-October). Fewer than one in ten (8%) voters is currently undecided about which party might deserve his or her support.