September 11 and 12 meetings



This is all potential for supplying water for Alberta tarsands, Saskatchewan tarsands, nuke plants, more irrigation for the desert in SW Saskatchewan, and ultimately, diversion of our water to the USA!

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Media Release

For Immediate Release

September 5, 2021

Public Meetings announced for First Phase of North Saskatchewan Water Supply Feasibility Study

The first phase of a feasibility study to investigate surface water storage alternatives on the North Saskatchewan River in Northwest Saskatchewan has been completed, the North Sask River Water Resource Committee (NSRWRC) announced today. The results of the study will be presented to the public in a series of meetings next week.

The first phase of the study is a scoping study to identify and assess water development alternatives and water use options for large scale development in the region. These alternatives include (1) no investment in infrastructure (status quo), (2) non- structural investments to develop the water resource with no storage, (3) the Highgate Dam, and (4) off- channel storage options.

The second phase will evaluate one of the alternatives studied in phase one in more detail. The decision as to which alternative to study in phase two will be made by the NSRWRC based on the results of phase one and feedback from the public at these meetings.

The public meetings are scheduled for September 11th in Battleford at the Alex Dillabough Centre, September 12th at the Alcurve Community Hall (corner of the Junction of Highways 17 & 3 (Saskatchewan) 45 (Alberta) north of Lloydminster), and September 12th in Turtleford at the Turtleford Community Centre. All meetings start at 7:00pm.

The Canada Saskatchewan Water Supply Expansion Program has committed to contributing 90% of the cost of the study. The remaining 10% has been contributed by municipalities and organizations in Northwest Saskatchewan and Northeast Alberta as well as the Battlefords Regional Economic Development Authority (REDA).

For more information contact:

Steve McKechnie, Chairperson

North Sask River Water Resource Committee

(306) 821-6669

D. Ryan Bater, General Manager

Battlefords REDA

(306) 446-7503