Record Number of Candidates to Champion Overlooked Issues Contained in Green Book
SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (October 22nd, 2007) - The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) and leader Sandra Finley are excited to announce that they have a record number of candidates running in the 2007 Provincial election.  The 50 candidates are dedicated to championing some of the overlooked issues of this campaign while providing Saskatchewan voters the opportunity to recycle their vote in favour of a viable, fresh new party.
Join Ms. Finley at The Mendel Art Gallery (950 Spadina Cres E) at 3 pm for the launch of the GPS' Green Book and introduction of Saskatoon and surrounding area candidates.  Jim Harris, representing Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada, will be in attendance.  Mr. Harris is in town to provide support and share his wealth of campaigning experience with local candidates.
The 50 candidates who have stepped forward to run for the GPS have done so because they are tired of the inaction of the Saskatchewan government on important issues such as poverty, the environment and uranium industry expansion.  They wish to provide Saskatchewan residents a viable alternative to the traditional money promising, vote buying politics of the other major parties with policies that are both fiscally sound and socially responsible.
The Green Book highlights several key policy differences between the GPS and the other Saskatchewan parties.  The GPS and its candidates are opposed to the further development of the financially unviable nuclear and uranium industry in Saskatchewan.  GPS candidates propose that the Saskatchewan government work with employers to create more entry level jobs for Saskatchewan graduates by extending current summer employment programs to include the first year of employment after graduation, rather than pay new graduates to stay in the province.  GPS candidates will champion a practical and affordable housing program by guaranteeing that all residents earn the minimum housing wage (the wage required so that a resident doesn't spend more than 30% of income on housing).
The GPS' previous high for candidates was 27 in the 2003 election.  The GPS was founded in 1999.
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