(Subject to ratifiction by those attending the AGM)




SATURDAY, APRIL 14th, 2007; 10:00am to 6:00pm
Unitarian Centre, at College and Angus, one block west of Albert Street,

(9:30 am Pre-organizing to handle votes for offices and last minute
resolutions. )

10:00 am CALL TO ORDER

Welcome & Introduction
Chair and secretary for meeting
Are there particular questions that people have, or wish to add to agenda?
Approval of agenda
Minutes from last Annual Convention & Approval of minutes

1. Report of the Provincial Executive.
given by Neil Sinclair, President

2. Written reports of Officers who are members of the Provincial Executive
Vice-President's Report - Jayna Lacey
Treasurer's Report - Jack Warnock
Secretary's Report - Mike Fornsler
Leader's Report - Sandra Finley

3. Report of the Resolutions and Bylaws Committee (no report. A Committee
wasn't established.)

4. Reports of other committees
a. Report on Martensville By-election March 5th, by Mike McLeod, Business
b. Report on visit Elizabeth May, March 7.
c. Report on Meeting March 7: Elizabeth May, Vice Chief Glen Pratt of the
FSIN and Dr. Helen Caldicott, by Sandra Finley
d. Report on Events, Green Party booth or presence:

Fringe Festival (Saskatoon, Mike Fornsler), Social Forum (North Battleford),
Prince Albert Green Party members, Organic Connections Conference
(Saskatoon), National Farmers Union Annual Convention (Saskatoon), SUMA
Convention (Saskatoon), Meetings on proposed High Gate Dam on North
Saskatchewan River, Kiwanis Club (Saskatoon), Toastmasters Club
(Saskatoon), Sustainability Conference in Humboldt April 20-21, Chad Kister
(Polar Bears & Climate Change, Saskatoon May 7), Saskatchewan Home Based
Educators (February 2008),

5. Election of the Party Leader

6. Election of other Provincial Executive Officers: President,
Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary/

7. Resolutions
Numbers 1 to 15 were mailed to members on March 14th in the Spring edition
of the Weaver.
An electronic copy of the Weaver, complete with the wording of the
resolutions is on the web-site:
Go to ?Bulletin Board?. On the right-hand side is ?A pre-AGM issue of the
WEAVER ? can be viewed as a PDF file ? .?

Because the constitutional requirement for 6 weeks? written notice of
resolutions was not met, individual resolutions require a two-thirds
majority agreement in order to be discussed at the Annual Convention.

Resolutions from the floor of the Convention are in order, but require the
same two thirds majority agreement in order to be heard.

By tradition, people who buy memberships at the meeting on April 14th have
voting privileges.

RESOLUTIONS will go until 12:30pm.
2007.1 To create a position of deputy leader, submitted by Dave
2007.2 Greener Green memberships, submitted by Mike Fornsler
2007.3 Eliminate article 7.5 of the Constitution (members shall declare
their commitment ...) Sandra Finley
2007.4 Membership fee from $5 to $10, Sandra Finley
2007.5 Removal of Officer Procedure, Ben Webster
2007.6 Changes to how Memberships are processed, Sandra Finley
2007.7 Annual Convention changes, Sandra Finley
2007.8 Rail Transport, Neil Sinclair
2007.9 Ending user fees on public transit and public recreational
facilities, Mike Fornsler.
2007.10 Platform 2007 Consideration, Ben Webster
John Warnock writes: Under the constitution, the platform for the election
is to be set by the AGM. If this is not possible, it can be set by a special
general meeting. We have had two meetings on the platform, and last fall
agreed to a list of priorities. This could stand if necessary. But we
certainly must put the approval of the platform near to the top of the
agenda at the AGM.
2007.11 Use of Election Signs, Sandra Finley (input below)
2007.12 (See Weaver ? there is no 2007.12)
2007.13 Changes to Membership Application Form, Sandra Finley
2007.14 Selecting Membership Card design, Sandra Finley
2007.15 Platform 2007.

2007.16 Memorandum of Agreement between GPC and GPS, Sandra Finley, March 20
2007.17 TILMA, Steve Lawrence March 27
2007.18 Oil Patch, Steve Lawrence March 27. With brief presentation of

------------ 12:30pm to 1:00pm LUNCH BREAK, ON
EMISES -----------------------

1:00pm (unfinished resolutions will continue FOLLOWING completion of
?other business?.)

9. Other Business as determined by the Convention.

a. CANDIDATES FOR UPCOMING ELECTIONS, submitted by Sandra Finley, March 12
On-hand at meeting will be large map with constituency boundaries and pins
to represent known supporters. We should have 58 candidates for the 58
b. USE OF DATA BASE IN ELECTIONS, brief update to members.
d. We will need to plan a Weaver for the first week in September. Well in
advance. With good content. Hopefully, that will be before the election. If
one is called for June, we will have to put together a special appeal
Weaver, submitted by Jack Warnock.
e. Regional groups get together at Annual Convention during afternoon
f. Web-site update: Green Party Saskatchewan web-site: Green Party of
Canada section consistently says "Sask Section",

Propose that the web-site be changed: change ?Sask Section? to ?Provincial
Division of the federal Green Party?. Submitted by Sandra Finley, March 12

g. Change to Membership Application Form: This resolution flows out of
Resolution on Membership Cards, if that resolution is passed. See below.

10. Adjournment

Meeting of New Executive


2007.16 Memorandum of Agreement between GPC and GPS
Resolution submitted by Sandra Finley

Whereas in conversation with members of the Green Party of Canada,
Provincial Division (Saskatchewan) Executive in the fall about the steps
that could be taken to enhance the working and organizational relationship
between the GP of Saskatchewan and the GP of Canada, it was recommended that
a written proposal be submitted,

Whereas Memorandums of Understanding (MOU's) exist between the GP of Canada
and the Green Parties of British Columbia and Ontario,

Whereas within the space of a few days, I received a phone call on behalf of
the Saskatoon-Humboldt Electoral District Association (riding association)
and another from Ottawa asking me for money for a potential federal
election, which was shortly after an appeal from the GP of Saskatchewan for
money, which was not long after an appeal for money for London North Centre
(Elizabeth May) by-election,

Whereas people will stop reading emails and letters from the Green Party if
we do not co-ordinate our work,

Whereas the best way to work out an arrangement is to talk back and forth to
work out a solution which can then be trialed and documented,

Be it resolved that:

1. The Annual Convention direct the Executive of the Green Party of
Saskatchewan (GPS) to work toward finalization of a Memorandum of
Understanding between the GPS and the Green Party of Canada (GPC).

2. Members of the Green Party in Saskatchewan who have email, be kept
informed of progress through copies of the email communications between the
GPS and the GPC in the negotiation of the MOU.

(Note: email from Executive Director of the GPC, March 26, 2022). Copy of
MOU between the Green Party of Canada and the Green Party of B.C.

g. Change to Membership Application Form: This resolution flows out of
Resolution on Membership Cards, if that resolution is passed. See below.

Whereas it is important that membership applications and money be processed
Whereas the more hands that papers must go through, the more opportunity for
Whereas the ability to track financial information is essential,

Be it resolved that The GPS Membership Application Form be changed:

(1) One address:

Green Party of Saskatchewan
Provincial Office
2138 McIntyre Street
Regina, SK. S4P 2R7

(2) Remove reference to "regional office" and "Parkland North Greens".

(3) Bottom of form: Propose to delete because it won't be used in this
context. "For more information (phone number)".

Replace it with:
___ Membership card, Green Party of Saskatchewan issued. Date: _____
Initials: _____
___ Receipt for donation issued. Date: _____ Signature:
(Submitted by Sandra Finley, March 12)

2007.17 TILMA, Steve Lawrence March 27
Whereas the net effect, if Tilma comes into force, is that
governments will no longer be able to introduce new policy and
legislation that will reflect the public's interests if it interferes
with businesses and corporations ability to make profit; and
Whereas this will also include the inability of governments to
introduce environmental legislation to control private interests; and
Whereas there is no clause in this agreement that allows governments
to take back its ability to govern.

Be it resolved that the green party opposes the adoption of this
agreement and does everything in its power to educate the public about
its danger to democracy.

2007.18 Oil Patch, Steve Lawrence March 27

Whereas the US has called for a five fold increase in the amount of
oil that the U.S. wants imported from Canada. This is also in light of
Ralph Kline and Steven Harper's promises to provide a secure oil supply
to the U.S. and moves by our provincial politicians to support tar sands
(and other developments such as the Great Sand Hills) developments in
Saskatchewan.; and

Whereas oil development should be put in some kind of context with
regards to carbon, greenhouse gases and global warming. ;and

Whereas acid rain from the existing oil upgraders is having an
impact on our aquatic and forest systems and Alberta companies have
plans on the drawing board for another 9. and

Whereas water used in the processing of the oil is untreatable and
is collecting in huge tailings ponds - approximately 5 barrels of water
for every barrel of oil and there are no plans for dealing with this
polluted water and at some point its actual containment must become an
issue. ; and

Whereas huge amounts of water are needed for tar sands and where
this water is going to come from is going to be an issue and as global
warming kicks in this is going to be off increasing importance. ; and

Whereas we are currently shipping about 70% of our oil to the U.S.
and under the terms of free trade we cannot cut back on our exports less
than the three year average. ;and

Whereas we also need to look at our own energy security and if the
U.S. will not sign on to Kyoto - that's a lot of carbon. Also the U.S.
has emergency reserves stored in caverns while Canada has none. There
are no pipelines to eastern Canada which means that Canada ends up
importing about 60% of the oil we need from other countries. ;and

Whereas huge amounts of natural gas are needed for processing the
tar sands which also have a great impact on our energy security in this
sector ; and

Whereas huge forest areas are being cleared to gain access to the
tar sands and then these areas must be stripped mined and this also
causes significant disruption of water sheds and there is a need for
parameters on land reclamation and there is a nedd to know what is the
impact of these devastated forest ecosystems. ;and

Whereas even if the mining companies go to steam injection to bring
up the oil instead of strip mining there will be significant damage to
the ecosystems. ;and

Whereas there is not sufficient natural gas to provide the energy
for current extraction and processing going on and there are plans in
the works for three nuclear reactors in Alberta to provide some of this
energy. This has enormous implications for those of us who are downwind
to emissions and to the possibility of storage of nuclear waste. ;and

Whereas labour for these projects is going to be enormous and once
people come expecting jobs it will be hard to turn back the flood. This
has enormous social-economic-infrastructure impacts. ; and

Whereas TILMA, if it comes into effect will take away the
governments ability to control oil development or its environmental,
social, and economic aspects. ;and

Whereas There is a significant amount of claims being staked for
tar sands exploration in Saskatchewan north of the Clearwater Park,
around La Loche, and around Lloydminster - what is the impact of that.

Whereas, if things remain at the present status quo these projects
will just go forward in bits and pieces without looking at the
cumulative impacts.; and

Whereas, if the federal government does not step in and make some
rules now it may need to get very heavy handed later which can only lead
to fanning the flames of western separation.

Be it resolved that the green party calls for a moratorium to be
put on all future oil development until a cumulative impact statement
has been done that will put some kind of parameters on future
developments that take place. This would include tar sands,
conventional oil, methane field development and whatever else is going
on out there.

- Signs are a critical tool and should be budgeted for.
- advertising for the AGM (car pooling to encourage people from outside
- plan re candidate selection for election(s)
- update re Regina
- Marie Grehan's work in the north
- Craig Massey
- info on web-site
- major organizing, simple things like signs. Packages from Elections
Sask so some work can be done at Convention. Have digital camera at
convention to photograph candidates. Can go up on web-site with bios. Get
going now.
materials to have at AGM: copies of Constitution