A Society of Fools



Dear Editor:
How many people care about the future of their grandchildren and of everyone else's grandchildren as much as Donna Dillman does? (Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium, October 8, 2021 http://www.ccamu.ca/)
How many times will this scenario be repeated: across Saskatchewan (the leader in supplying the planet with KILLER uranium), across Canada (Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland all want in on the $$$ action), around the world (many countries have the wisdom to say NO to NUKES!) - unless and until we, the people, stop the insanity of uranium expansion?
Canada needs this kind of economic development - at any price! We are so desperately poor that we blindly allow our government, bullied or bribed by the uranium industry, to continue down this suicidal yellow brick road - deaf and dumb to the reality of what we're doing - uncaring about the future!
Do we care about babies horribly deformed as a result of their fathers (soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and wherever else the war machine touches down) being exposed to Depleted Uranium from Saskatchewan's wilderness? What about the millions of local residents, who 20 or 30 years from now, will be diagnosed with horrific cancers because of their exposure to this same Depeleted Uranim? What about the soldiers coming home - the ones not in boxes - who can expect the same diagnoses?
We are a society of fools!
Elaine Hughes
Archerwill, SK
(306) 323-4938