Dear friends:

In December, 190 countries will meet in Bali for the UN Climate Change Conference to negotiate our future.

I’d like to invite each of you to attend a rally in support of Climate Justice

When: Saturday December 8th, at 1:00 p.m.

Where: Victoria Park - at the Cenotaph


Facebook: Stop Climate Chaos - Regina

Come hear our speakers tell of their concerns and vision for our planet. Join with 17 Canadian cities in 10 provinces and be part of a global movement with hundreds of thousands of people in over 75 countries to demand that world leaders take urgent action to stop climate chaos.

Please forward this information To EVERYONE You Know! Read the email below and watch the video from the national Stop Climate Chaos group.

Please let me know if you would like me to e-mail you posters, flyers, bulletin inserts or additional information.

Here is the e-mail from Stop Climate Chaos - Canada:

From: Dylan Penner <>

Date: Nov 23, 2021 4:19 PM

Subject: [climatechaos] KYOTO NOW: Send the New December 8 Video To EVERYONE You Know!

Dear Friend,

We need your help - right now - to spread the word about the global day of protest on December 8 to stop climate chaos. We've all received chain letters that told us if we didn't forward them to everyone we know we would have bad luck for a long time. We're not going to do that. You already know how serious climate change is, and how much our luck will change for the worse if we don't take action today. So, just imagine if you forwarded this email to everyone you know, and everyone you know did the same, and so on… Collectively, the organizations supporting December 8 in Canada represent 5 million people. Help us make sure that every single one of those people and everyone they know sees this video.

Please forward this email to EVERYONE you can: Friends. Colleagues. Family. Media. Politicians. Businesses. Organizations. Neighbours. If you or your organization have a website, link to the video or embed it directly. Send it to your email lists. Project it onto the side of your Member of Parliament's office (as needed). Ask local movie theatres and TV stations to play it as a public service announcement. We need this video to be everywhere, and we need your help to make it happen.


Take to the streets on December 8 to Stop Climate Chaos. Bring everyone you know. Bring your camera and send us the pictures.

Stop Climate Chaos coalition

Donna Nelson

1114 Courtney Street

Regina, SK S4T 7R8

H: 924-2254

W: 777-2044