New Green Alliance
Election Platform 1999

New Energy Policy
The New Green Alliance will place primary emphasis on energy conservation and the development of wind, solar & other renewable energy sources.

Northern Development Policy
The New Green Alliance will create a special task force to establish a participatory process for developing a sustainable development policy for Northern Saskatchewan. The goal of the new policy will be to cease treating the unique ecosystem of the North and the communities living there as commodities for the use of Southern Saskatchewan.

A Progressive Taxation System
The New Green Alliance will introduce a progressive tax system based on ability to pay. There will be a minimum tax imposed on all profitable corporations. The Provincial Sales Tax will be replaced by a luxury value-added tax. Royalties on the extraction of natural resources will be raised to at least the levels they were under the Blakeney government in 1982.

Agriculture and Food
The New Green Alliance will support family farms, co-operative farms, community-shared agriculture, producer co-operatives and producer-controlled marketing boards. We will introduce legislation to ban corporate farming. Government support will be shifted from corporate farming to ecological, sustainable and organic agriculture. The government will give support to the formation of an alternative food processing and distribution system in Saskatchewan.

Reduce Poverty
The New Green Alliance will immediately raise the social assistance rates to satisfy basic needs (an increase of about 33%), and raise the minimum wage to $8 per hour and index it to the cost of living. We will provide free publicly funded childcare and increase the number of spaces in day care centres to at least the Canadian average. The New Green Alliance will support affordable, quality housing through rent controls and inspection systems and the development of social housing. In addition, programs will be established to encourage home ownership and co-operative housing.

Supporting Families
The New Green Alliance will pass pay equity legislation, most available hours legislation and ensure that all part-time workers receive pro-rated benefits. We will provide one year paid parental leave and bring midwifery under Medicare. We express our profound respect for people raising children and ensure that they will not be discriminated against or disadvantaged.

Workers Rights
The New Green Alliance will pass anti-scab legislation, undertake a major overhaul of the Workers Compensation Board and improve the Trade Union and Labour Standards Acts. We will legislate a shorter work week with no loss in pay.

Aboriginal Rights
The New Green Alliance will immediately begin a dialogue with existing Aboriginal and Metis organisations in order to explore and address the issues associate with inherent First Nations and Metis rights including rights to land and resources. We will increase funding to Aboriginal institutions.

Crown Corporations
The New Green Alliance strongly supports the role of Crown Corporations where appropriate in the development of Saskatchewan. We strongly oppose the private ownership and control of natural resources. We will introduce legislation to make Crown Corporations democratic and responsive to public policy.

Health Policy
The New Green Alliance will create a democratic participatory process for community evaluation of health policy. We will support the introduction of more community health centres, pharmacare, alternative medicine, dental care and home care. We will support preventative health care, considering social, economic and environmental factors. The New Green Alliance will ensure adequate funding is available to maintain the five principles of Medicare.

Electoral Reform
The New Green Alliance will introduce a system of proportional representation. We will pass legislation to limit contributions to political parties to individuals. Contributions will be limited to the average biweekly provincial wage.

Fair Trade
The New Green Alliance strongly opposes the Multilateral Agreement on Investment and other corporate free trade agreements. We support the democratic principles of fair trade adopted at the People's Summit of the Americas in Santiago, Chile, in April 1998.

Nuclear Policy
The New Green Alliance opposes the location of any nuclear fuel waste dump in Saskatchewan. We also oppose any plans to build a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan. The mining of uranium will be quickly phased out with a just transition for affected workers. An inquiry shall be launched into where our uranium has gone since 1952. Assistance programs will be created to help victims of Saskatchewan's uranium in foreign countries.

The New Green Alliance will restore adequate public funding to Saskatchewan's universities. The corporate sector's growing stranglehold on universities shall be eliminated. All qualified citizens of Saskatchewan are entitled to free higher education as they are to health care and secondary education. For all academically qualified residents, student tuition fees will be rapidly reduced and eventually eliminated for four years of education. ( justification)

The New Green Alliance opposes government-sponsored gambling as socially destructive and as a regressive form of taxation. A province-wide plebiscite will allow the people to decide if they wish to continue this policy. Should the people choose to eliminate VLTs and casinos, First Nations governments will be compensated through other revenues. ( justification)