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Subject : Green Party options

First, I think it is really essential that the SK greens produce an issue of the Weaver this summer. We need to explain to our members and supporters why the name was changed. We also need to assure them that this does not represent a move to the right, following the federal GPC. Since I have returned from my trip, at least a dozen supporters have told me they are very worried about the move, and all of them had assumed, from the news article in the Leader Post, that this was a move to the right.
We also need to inform as many people as possible about the fall meeting. I have volunteered to help put this together and help do a mailing.

Second, there is another option open for the federal Greens in SK. Some have insisted that we have to run a full slate of GPC candidates. Some want to run none. Others want only to run in constituencies where the Green vote will not "defeat the NDP."
But there is another option that I personally favour. As you know, I am very much in favour of a change in the constitution of the GPC to make it a federalist Green party, along the lines of the Greens in the USA and Australia. A confederation of indpendent state Green parties.

The option that I would propose would be to constitute the present provincial division of the GPC into an independent federal level Green party. This would be a major push to other Greens to try to develop a Green Party of Canada as a confederation of provincial and territorial Green parties.

I have talked to Elections Canada. They say we can do this. We just need to go through the party registration process, the details of which are on their web site. We would have to round up more members; the minimum is 250, but they recommend getting 375 members, with addresses, as they will mail confirmation forms to them. Some people who sign pledges do not return their forms.
What about the name? I proposed they we be called the Green Party of Saskatchewan, and reminded them that we are registered under that name as a provincial party. The woman I talked to said they might not approve that name as it could be too close to that of the Green Party of Canada. When I suggested the name Saskatchewan Greens, she said that would probably be approved. I explained to her that there are many countries in the world which have more than one Green party, and that France has five at last count, and Spain four.
I would hope that this option would be discussed by the executives and with other options at the fall meeting.
Cheers, Jack

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