CBC Tries to Influence Election Outcome!
I encourage all of you to send a similar letter to lenora_sturge@cbc.ca
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(Letter from Neal Anderson, President of the NGA, Candidate for Saskatoon Nutana)

Dear Lenora,

I am deeply disappointed and frustrated with the recent CBC decision to exclude the New Green Alliance from Tuesday evenings Talk the Vote program at the WDM in Saskatoon. As an official party in Saskatchewan and one that a majority of voters will have the opportunity to vote for on November 5, it is undemocratic to exclude the party.

Your news release suggests that "Saskatoon is the city that could make or break the New Democratic Party". I think that given a brief survey of Saskatoon politics and a further discussion with your "political analysts" that you would have discovered that the NGA will play a significant role in many key ridings during this election.

An examination of the NDP platform also suggests that they are "running scared" and know the NGA is going to have an impact. One only has to look at their sudden discovery of "Green" issues, however lacking they currently are.

Voters in Saskatchewan deserve to hear from all parties in this discussion.

It is not to late to include a New Green Alliance candidate in this forum.

Your sincerely,

Neal Anderson
New Green Alliance
(306) 664-6082

(Letter from Gerald Regnitter, NGA Candidate for Saskatchewan Rivers)

Re: WDM Forum

Once again CBC policy is severely testing the final shreds of respect I have for the policies practiced by the corporation in Saskatchewan. You have announced your intention to exclude all but the three largest political parties from your forum.

Democracy and our electoral process in Saskatchewan is governed by the Saskatchewan Elections Act 1996. That Act, expressing the law of Saskatchewan, decides which groups of people constitute a legal, registered political party. I have read that Act and do not recall it providing the CBC the right to redefine which parties have the right to place a choice before the electorate as a recognized political party. For you to have done so is a brutal assault on democracy. For our fragile democracy to survive, it most critically requires the voter to have full access to the information about his / her voting options.

You and the CBC have decreed that YOU have the right to influence that decision by controlling / censoring the amount of information that the voter receives. If you think you have such rights, do it legally and register yourself as a political party and take an honest stance in trying to influence this election outcome.

You declare your intent to support the democratic process by sending out reporters, creating web sites, producing programs etc to meet your legislative requirement to provide unbiased information to the people of the broadcast area. You must be a cynical lot to so blatantly ignore the requirements to really meet that obligation.

Not only have you weakened the democratic process, but you have weakened the very support you require in the Saskatchewan and Canadian public to survive as a vehicle of public service. The CBC is NOT indispensable, and your wayward policies threaten the continuation of your legislated role in our society.

Rethink this very unwise and undemocratic policy now!

Gerald Regnitter at Friendly Forest, Box 289 Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan, S0J 0N0
(306) 982-3614 email: friendlyforest@inet2000.com, Web: www.friendlyforest.ca
Candidate for New Green Alliance for Saskatchewan Rivers Constituency
There is a positive alternative! www.nga.sk.ca Election Information at www.votenga.ca