New Green Alliance Commitment to Saskatchewan

Text of free time radio broadcast by Neal Anderson on behalf of the NGA

Note:  In 2005 the name of the Party became The Green Party of Saskatchewan


Good Morning, My name is Neal Anderson and I am the New Green Alliance Candidate for Saskatoon Nutana.

It is my pleasure to speak to you this morning about the New Green Alliance and its hopes for the people and environment of Saskatchewan.

The New Green Alliance is committed to a campaign that will restore hope for the future of Saskatchewan and its people. The New Green Alliance has a plan to support the creation of a QUALITY SASKATCHEWAN.

We will promote Saskatchewan agriculture, industry and communities nationally and internationally as environmentally responsible and economically sustainable. Our plan will create a Quality Saskatchewan for all citizens regardless of where they live or who they are. We will protect the health of our land, water and air. We will build a healthy and just society. A Quality Saskatchewan will consist of healthy communities with strong local economies where young and old will choose to live.

We believe that the community lies at the heart of everything that we do. Our goal is to stop treating Saskatchewan’s unique ecosystems, communities and people as commodities for the use and exploitation of multi-national corporations. We believe that our economic policies must support all citizens of Saskatchewan rather than causing the gap between rich and poor to get bigger.

The New Green Alliance believes that Saskatchewan is uniquely placed to benefit from expanded wind and solar power. The New Green Alliance will work towards an energy policy that emphasizes decentralized and small-scale power production to avoid the problems that arise from being tied directly to the North American power grid.

If you believe in having safe and healthy food sources free from genetic engineering and dangerous chemicals, choose the New Green Alliance. If you believe in working hard to reduce poverty in Saskatchewan choose the New Green Alliance. If you believe in sustainable forestry, choose the New Green Alliance. If you believe in a province that values its citizens and its unique ecosystems elect New Green Alliance candidates on November 5.