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The Green Party of Saskatchewan favours the use of human brain power to find non-destructive ways forward. Nuclear development does not pass the test. Our table at the Gala will provide solid information for the party-goers.

We are signing up new and determined members every day. We are the only option for those people who believe that nuclear is not the answer. There is a great deal of industry propaganda; their money talks in Government.

Many thanks to THE FRIENDS OF COMMUNITY CULTURE (Saskatoon) for offering a humorous way in which to learn about and debate the nuclear agenda in Canada. Thanks to Brenda Goldsworthy (Saskatoon) for inviting us to table at the event. Let me know if you'll be there - we can trade off time at the table. Dancing is also a priority!

We are connected to and working with many other organizations across Canada on this issue. Sorry - I've been unable to maintain the information flow to you during this time of building our supporter list.



Hi Jennifer,

Yes! I love the example you give "I read of a
successful protest in Sweden where hundreds of women signed a petition
vowing to not have kids for four years unless the government squashed
plans to build another nuclear reactor. ...". That kind of creative protest is extremely attractive.

You may know of the Inter Church Uranium Committee (ICUC)? They are centred in Saskatoon and have been dogged watchdogs of the uranium industry for 30 years. They are a small, extremely effective group ...

REQUEST: RE your statement "I still intend to begin a letter writing campaign
and/or petition of some kind as a protest.":

Will you please send a copy of your letter(s)/petition(s) - I'll circulate them to my larger network (not just the Green Party distribution list). There are people from across Canada in it. People who receive the story of your initiative will often respond by adding their weight to yours. ...

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Sent: August 27, 2021 1:25 PM
To: Sandra Finley
Subject: RE: petition to stop nuclear power plant in Alberta

Dear Sandra Finley,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my inquiry. I appreciate the
information you provided and the suggestions.

Please put me on the email distribution list you mentioned in your reply.

I am glad there are many working through the political process to try to
halt nuclear developments. I have cast my vote for the Green Party in the
past and intend to do so in the future.

However, sometimes the voices can get lost in the political storms of
campaigning and such. I still intend to begin a letter writing campaign
and/or petition of some kind as a protest. I believe money talks in
government, and feel my voice can be heard through the voting process and
through my spending habits. I also feel that is a realistic effective
approach for those who are too young to vote, or for those who don't wish
to vote Green but wish to protest against nuclear power. It's also a way
to have results without having to wait for elections. (I read of a
successful protest in Sweden where hundreds of women signed a petition
vowing to not have kids for four years unless the government squashed
plans to build another nuclear reactor. I liked the creative approach to
the protest, and was happy the government listened.)

Thanks again for your response and I look forward to being kept in the
loop and having a chance to contribute in some way.


Dear Jennifer,

We are building networks to stop the nuclear expansion:
- the nuclear power generators in Alberta
- but also, the promoted expansion of the nuclear industry in Saskatchewan.

You may know that the industry is looking for an underground storage site for nuclear waste. The Canadian Shield is being promoted as the answer, with Saskatchewan or Ontario the likely site. I say this, not to detract from the nuclear power generator, but to draw Saskatchewan's role into the picture. The Generators require the mining of uranium (SAskatchewan), the refining of uranium (proposed plant in Sask.), a source of energy, the generators (Alberta and more in Ontario), a source of water, and then the disposal of radioactive waste (Saskatchewan or Ontario).

There are people working on all aspects of this.

Because the nuclear power plants are to be a source of energy for the Tar Sands, because there is a lot of opposition in Canada and the USA to the Tar sands development because of its contributions to global warming, the coalitions are growing between the anti-nuclear, tar sands (climate change) and the water groups.

Greenpeace has hired a person and set up office in Edmonton. The Sierra Club is active. Etc.
There's a lot of activity in Ontario, too, fighting the expansion of nuclear. I attended a conference down there; there is sharing of information going on among us. There are indigenous groups that are very active. And we are working on adding more groups and people to the network who are sharing information, for the purpose of actions such as you propose. Step one is to get more people involved and informed.

You may know of the intended development of the Tar Sands on the Sask side of the border, too. It's all connected. Earlier there was talk that a reactor would go on the Saskatchewan side of the border. So it is good, as you propose, that we work cross-border.

I've run an activist email network for 7 years, so have a reasonable number of people to work with.

My years of lobbying lead me to the conclusion that a threat to the existing political power structure is required in order to combat nuclear power generators. Petitions are good, but they sometimes have little actual influence.

It's when the political parties see that votes are going elsewhere, that they will start to actually listen and to start governing to protect the public interest.

Right now there is the possibility of an election this fall. I have temporarily switched my energies from building the email networks, to getting as many people as possible onto the Green Party lists, and to line up candidates. We are going to try and make nuclear the issue upon which people cast their votes. If the Green Party can make a good showing in the election, it will tell the NDP and the Saskatchewan Party that people are heading down a different road than they are on.

If the Greens do well in Saskatchewan, it will make the national news. If they do well because of the nuclear issue, it will send a message to Alberta and Ontario.

If you like I can add you to the email distribution list. When we have more people connected with each other, we are in a better position to challenge.

Thanks for getting in touch, and for your constructive, action-based approach.

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Sent: August 26, 2021 3:03 PM
Subject: petition to stop nuclear power plant in Alberta

I am very concerned about the proposed plans for Alberta's first nuclear
power plant. If a petition opposing this doesn't already exist, I would
like to start one. I suggest that a petition that contains the signatures
of those who will refuse to travel to Alberta for the next five years
(minimum) could possibly get the attention of the Alberta government.
Those signing it will refuse to travel to Alberta for skiing, football
games, Calgary Stampede, concerts, shopping at IKEA, etc. for the next
five years. I think when the Alberta government sees the amount of money
they could lose in tourism, they may rethink their nuclear plans. Money
talks. Let's throw tourism dollars up against nuclear industry dollars.

If such a petition exists, could you direct me to where I may get copies
to spread around? If the Green Party of Saskatchewan would like to post
such a petition for folks to download, I will definitely instruct all my
friends and family to visit your site and print one off.

Thank you for your time. J.