Labour considers boycotting CFIB members

The organization that speaks for the province’s working people may implement a boycott of all Saskatchewan businesses belonging to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour says the move is prompted by the constant attacks the CFIB makes on wage earners, employee rights, workers’ organizations and the laws that protect the health and safety of working people.

SFL president Larry Hubich said he is considering asking the Federation’s Executive Council to call on working people across the province to avoid any commercial transaction with companies that are members of the business lobby group.

The SFL pointed to the CFIB’s recent calls for a lower minimum wage to newly hired workers, the elimination of fines for employers who break Occupational Health and Safety laws, an end to overtime pay, statutory holidays reassigned to suit the boss, disbanding unions when a company is sold, ending the rights and benefits of part-time workers and opposing accelerated access to Workers’ Compensation benefits for firefighters stricken with job-related cancers.

The CFIB also advocates cutting the minimum wage for anyone who may receive tips, and also proposes ending the current provision that entitles employees to at least three hours work when called to their job.

The CFIB wants to make it much harder for workers to have any democratic voice in the workplace, and easier for employers to intimidate and bully employees.

"If this business lobbyist outfit can’t find anything better to do with it’s time than attack working people then we have every legal and moral right to respond appropriately", Hubich said.

"In almost every federal or provincial budget in the last two decades there have been tax cuts for business, along with legislative amendments that cater to the constant complaining of corporate lobbyists. But it is never enough for this crowd. They continually run down their employees and their country and their province. If anyone is contributing to out migration from the province of Saskatchewan it’s groups like the CFIB. If they want to keep skilled workers here they should start being positive about Saskatchewan. This province is a great place to live, and Saskatchewan working people are the best employees anywhere," Hubich concluded.

for more information contact Larry Hubich at 537-7330 in Regina

This was a press release circulated by SEN on April 24, 2022