Our Forests Require FSC Certification!


Saskatchewan lake recreation sites threatened by Weyerhaeuser and Sask Government Policies!

A letter to the editor responding to fact that Weyerhaeuser is clear cutting within 10 metres of Cowan and Delaronde Lakes.

The Editor:

A recent news story on CBC tells us that “CSA Certified” Weyerhaeuser, with government approval, is logging within 10 metres of the waters of Cowan and Delaronde Lakes. This dramatically impacts on the environments in these resort areas. Our forestry industry needs to adhere to stricter forestry standards which would respect both the sustainability of the natural forest and also the sustainability of local economies and local communities of these areas.

Saskatchewan Environment, operating according to the values of this NDP government, pretends that “environmental concerns” do not include the people who live in the forest and lakes areas. This narrow perspective is a trademark of this NDP government!

The entire forest fringe and forest-recreation areas of Saskatchewan need the forest industry to be held to much stricter standards, such as those of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). These would require the forest industry to practice sustainable forestry methods and ensure that the voices of local communities will be heard, and that local communities will benefit from all forest development. This includes both timber and non-timber forest values.

The people of the Big River area must not be alone in this fight. All people who live in our forest fringe and forest areas, as well as all citizens of Saskatchewan who come here to enjoy the beauty of these areas should make their voices heard. We can do this best by turfing this government and replacing it with a government that is committed to responsible stewardship and to responsive communities. When the Premier finally calls an election, it will be our turn to be heard on these issues.

Gerald Regnitter at Friendly Forest
Box 289
Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan
S0J 0N0
email: friendlyforest@inet2000.com

New Green Alliance candidate for Saskatchewan Rivers constituency