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-A GPS government, acting for Saskatchewan people, will gain control of our oil and gas reserves, oppose nuclear power, uranium mining and refining, and phase out electrical power from burning coal.

A GPS government will support the Kyoto Protocol through energy conservation, demand management, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and small hydro.

-A GPS government will support ecological agriculture, marketing boards, co-ops, food security, and local processing and distribution.A GPS government will end subsidies to corporate agribusiness and support a move to organic agriculture.

-A GPS government will Introduce proportional representation, limit campaign contributions to individuals, and limit size of individual contributions to political parties.

-A GPS government will re-introduce a progressive tax system based on ability to pay, increase resource royalties, restore grants to municipalities, reduce property taxes, and move to eliminate user fees for public services.
-A GPS government will follow policies based on prevention of illness, support for the five principles of Medicare, and the right of all to healthy food, clean water, clean air, good housing and a just standard of living

-A GPS government will place an emphasis on local and Canadian ownership and control, sustainable development, sharing with Aboriginal communities, and ending subsidies to large transnational corporations.

- A GPS government will restore provincial funding to school districts, support and fund pre-school programs, restore funding to post- secondary institutions, and reduce tuition for higher education to levels of the past, the lowest in Canada.


















The Green Party of Saskatchewan is the only party where the election platform is developed and formally approved by the full membership of the GPS meeting at its Annual Convention.  While other Parties have top leadership meetings in back rooms with advertising experts and opinion poll results to determine election platforms, the GPS creates its platform based on The Founding Principles and Policy Resolutions of the GPS.  Since its founding as the New Green Alliance in 1998, progressive "Greens" have applied "green" social, environmental and economic principles to the concerns of Saskatchewan people.  This has resulted in sound and progressive policies which would be acted on by a Green Party of Saskatchewan government.  While the eight platform statements listed above are the focus of the 2007 campaign, we call the attention of Saskatchewan people to previous platforms and all of our policies since 1998.  All of these will tell you who we are, what we believe, and what we would do if you trust us to be your government.


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