Ralph Nader in Regina September 19th
Ralph Nader will speak in Regina at the Education Building Auditorium, University of Regina, at 7:00 pm. Nader is a well known American crusader for the rights of citizens. Today Nader lectures on the growing imperialism of multinational corporations and of a dangerous convergence of corporate and government power. More

Natural Resource Extraction - Public Debate in Regina
The Regina Group of the Green Party of Saskatchewan invites you to a public meeting on an important issue: Natural Resource Extraction What should be a fair rate of return to the people of Saskatchewan?

Presentation by John W. Warnock
Thursday, September 6, 2021 7:30 p.m.
Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre
2900  13th Ave.
Regina, SK
For more information call: 352-0219

Green Party at the Summer Festivals
We were at Ness Creek, Regina Eco-Living and the Saskatoon Fringe Festival.

If you want to feel good, try "working the table"! People respond so positively - "It's great to see the Green Party here! Are you running a candidate in my constituency?" You meet the most interesting people and feel like you've known them for a long time. Kindred spirits! It makes everything worthwhile. more

The Not Cameco Gala
We will be at "The NOT sponsored by Cameco Gala" in Saskatoon.
Saturday, September 22, 8:00pm
Cosmos Senior Citizens Centre, East of Broadway on 11th St

Live music, dancing, awards, prizes, satire, atomic mutant monster videos; come join in the fun!

The Green Party of Saskatchewan favours the use of human brain power to find non-destructive ways forward. Nuclear development does not pass the test. Our table at the Gala will provide solid information for the party-goers. For more information on the event and an interesting dialogue on nuclear power protests, click here.

Saskatoon & P.A. Meetings
Saskatoon Meeting
Sunday, September 16, 4:00
656 Saskatchewan Crescent East

Please spread the word. The meeting is at Sandra's place - look for rocks, stumps and plants, not lawn, in second block to north of Broadway Bridge.
RSVP by email (sabest1@sasktel.net) or phone (373-8078) so we have an idea of numbers to expect. We'll throw money into a hat for food, or some people may like to bring food along. For more information, including the meeting agenda, click here

P.A. Meeting
Sunday, September 23, 4:00
600 15th Street East (Harvest Room in Grainfields Restaurant)

For more information, including the meeting agenda, click here

Federal By-election
Gary Merasty, Liberal Member-of-Parliament for Desnethi-Missinippi-Churchill River, stepped down from this seat. The by-election date has not been set, but it could be this fall. Elizabeth May put forward the name of Vye Bouvier, also from Ile-a-la-Crosse, as a potential candidate. Discussion to be continued at the meeting of Greens in P.A. on Sunday, Sept 23. More

Update - Amalgamation of Federal & Provincial Groups
The resolution to amalgamate was passed at June Annual Meeting of the Saskatchewan Provincial Division (PD) of the Green Party of Canada (GPC).

To view the e-mail sent to Rob Sinclair, National Campaign Manager for the GPC, and others click here.

The Weaver
If there is someone you'd like to receive "The Weaver", the GPS's quarterly newsletter, get their full contact info to Sandra ASAP. The mailing labels will be run off soon. You will receive a Weaver, as long as we have your mailing address onfile. For a more detailed update on The Weaver, click here.

French, Cree & Michif Media Representatives
French CBC wants to cover the Green Party, "en francais". Many thanks to Paul-Emile (White Fox) for his willingness to be our spokesperson for this. Provincially, Paul-Emile is in Saskatchewan Rivers, federally in Desnethi-Missinippi-Churchill River. He will likely be called upon for both the Provincial Election and for the Federal by-election in the North.

It is very important that we find Indigenous and Metis people who would be willing to do interviews with the media. If you are interested, please let Sandra know as the federal by-election in Desnethi-Missinippi-Churchill River may happen soon. We have enough connections to Metis and Cree people among us, to be able to recommend people who would act as our representatives on Indigenous media in particular (but not excluding mainstream media, and not excluding Indigenous and Metis persons who are unilingual English-speaking, like so many of us!). More

Contacts in the Event of an Election
We need one volunteer to collect the information and then keep it current through the provincial election and the federal by-election. Please phone Sandra if you can help out (373-8078)! For the current list of contacts, click here.

Sandra Finley
Leader, Green Party of Saskatchewan

Sandra's Website    Contact Sandra

New e-Newsletter

From black-and-white to the colours of the rainbow. It's exciting to be introducing the attractive e-newsletter with images, links and less text. This is wholly the initiative and work of Nathan Risling (Saskatoon), another of our new young people. It required the support of our long-time webmaster, Gerald Regnitter, in Christopher Lake. On behalf of the Greens in the province, many thanks to you both.

We will continue with the black-and-white version - it suits the needs of some, better. Images do not pass through some spam filters, unless the receiver sets the filter to accept the emails from this particular sender.

So, we have two distributions: - plain text - the coloured version with links and images. Please let me know if you wish to try the one you aren't receiving! It's easy to change you from one to other.

Supporter List Update

Two new young fellows, Adrien Leduc and Keilah Martin (Saskatoon), volunteered time to look up the federal and provincial electoral districts for individuals on the supporter list. It takes time. The rural areas, Moose Jaw and Prince Albert, and half of Regina and Saskatoon are completed. 180 records remain to be done.

I doubt that Adrien and Keilah appreciate the significance of their contribution. We can generate a list of supporters by constituency. This is incredibly helpful to the local areas, but also to me as I connect groups of supporters. It was so frustrating before. We now have wings - we can fly!

Well! why on earth would I now ask you to go out and find some more people to add to our supporter list?! Just when the job is nearing completion!

Should I tell you the bad part? ... it turns out that Outlook, small business version (through which I've run the distribution lists using the address book) has a size limitation. The thoughts of losing data is frightening! Things are under control but clumsy, using a combination of spreadsheet and Outlook to accommodate lists, in addition to the Green one. Fortunately we have people with experience, the ability to track down and evaluate alternatives for the data base which is our lifeline.

Possible Fall Provincial Election

We would like to get 58 candidates for the 58 constituencies so that EVERYONE in Saskatchewan who wants to vote Green, can do so. Our percentage vote gets watered down if we can't collect our votes because we're short on candidates. A good showing in the election is the best way to tell the Government that we won't sit back while they take us down the wrong roads. More

Election Procedures Manual

During an election, Lin Norton and Jane Anweiler (Regina) will be a central place for fielding the questions like "how do I do this?", or "who do I contact for ...?".

They are as "green" as me and many others. First time around in an election. But hey! we are a merry group of adventurers who will come through in shining colours with the support of long-time Party members! We (I?!) was in quite a state. I didn't even know that we had a phone with an answering machine in a little office in Regina. With mail coming to the same office (the Provincial Office)!

It is truly rewarding to be in this role of "leader" among leaders. The Green Party attracts terrific people! Lin jumped into the organization of the Regina office and group. And brought along her friend Jane Anweiler. Jane brings experience with Procedures, recognized the contribution that documentation can make, and, bless her heart said, "I'd like to do that.". Ever since, she is on the "copy to" list of many an internal email.

An election will be chaotic enough without a central clearing house for fielding the "how to" questions. Muchas gracias to Lin and Jane - have no fear! We'll all be working with you!

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