Origins of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, (Formerly known as the "New Green Alliance)

The Green Party of Saskatchewan has become the only real alternative to the old-style politics in Saskatchewan. The Green Party of Saskatchewan was registered as an official political party in Saskatchewan in 1999 under its first name, The New Green Alliance.

Many Saskatchewan voters had been staying away from the polls because they could not find a political voice for their values and their hopes for a quality Saskatchewan. Others went to the polls and voted for the "lesser evil", while knowing deep in their hearts that this was not the way it should be in a true democracy.

An "alliance" of Saskatchewan citizens, deeply concerned about the directions government had been taking with regard to the environment, social justice issues, regressive taxation, neglect of local community needs and the health and education needs of Saskatchewan, committed to creating a new political party.

And so the Green Party of Saskatchewan was formed to be the only political party that is committed to building a Saskatchewan that supports a quality environment, quality communities, a just, progressive, community-based economic system and democratic,decentralized, decision-making.

Since 1999 the Founding Principles of the Green Party of Saskatchewan have been the basis for the development of a sound, comprehensive and responsible package of policies that are being placed before the Saskatchewan voters.

This website features the current Election Platform adopted at Convention 2007 as well as background articles that expand on the ideas contained in the election platform. Past issues of the WEAVER, the GPS newsletter, policies passed in past years and other important information about the GPS can be found on this site.

The Party Leader is Sandra Finley, the President is Mike McLeod, and the Treasurer/Chief Official Agent is Amber Jones. Other officers include Angela Penna as Vice President and Michael Fornssler as Secretary..


For a longer article on the History of the GPS in Saskatchewan click here.





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