Green Party of Canada Candidates for Saskatchewan Federal Constituencies

January 23, 2022

Norbert Kratchmer, 42, was born and raised on the family farm located near the town of Reward, south of Unity which has been in the family since the 1930’s. He now owns and operates a mixed grain farm with cattle which is in the process of becoming certified organic.

Norbert planted 17 acres of seedling trees this spring, suitable for local climate and conditions, as part of a reforestation pilot project. Previous plantings of shelterbelts have thrived and provided food and shelter for many birds and small animals.

Norbert enjoys traveling as it exposes him to different perspectives, ideas, and people. He believes these experiences have helped him appreciate Canada, as well as giving him inspiration to try new things on his farm. He was especially interested in a taro plant and pig farm in Fiji that he visited which was an example of innovative thinking possible in farm operations. The farm used methane produced from pig waste to cook the pig food, while solid pig waste fertilized the taro crop thus reducing the smell and waste problems encountered on traditional farms.

Norbert loves nature and encourages wildlife to use his farm as part of their habitat. Since he has become chemical free he has noticed an increase in the population of frogs in his ponds and he is confident that foxes, deer, antelope, rabbits, and owls have appreciated the change as well. He has found that his crops have not suffered but have improved in response to the elimination of chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

Farming has increased Norbert’s awareness to the potential problems that genetically modified (GM) foods possess and believes that GM foods should be labeled to ensure consumers have a choice. He is greatly concerned about the increasing control multinational corporations are gaining over all aspects of the food production and distribution network. While these types of concerns may impact him more as a farmer trying to raise natural foods, ultimately he believes these issues will affect all consumers if the present trends continue.

Norbert believes that the Green Party is the only political party that is serious about food safety and environmental concerns.

He believes that the Green Party most closely fits his personal value system and that in running for the Green Party he will offer an alternative choice to the voters in his area.

Battlefords - Lloydminster
Kratchmer, Norbert

Michael Fornssler, twenty-two, is one of the thousands of young Canadians ‘fed’ up with federal politics in Canada and is determined to change the tone and track of this institution.

Mike graduated from Vancouver Film School’s writing for film & television program in the spring of 2003 and is currently making a documentary about this attempt at gaining federal office. He hopes such a film will decrease voter apathy and encourage other people to seek office and change within this country.

Mike is a journalist for, a nonprofit news and educational website, and has written various articles about infighting within alternative media, neo-conservativism, and various other topics.

Key issues of concern for Mike are Saskatchewan “brain drain”, sustainable environment, over taxation, civil liberties, voter apathy, and uranium mining.

Mike was born in Victoria, BC and moved to Saskatoon when he was five. He lived here until he was 18 when he moved to Vancouver to attend school after which he returned to Saskatoon.

Fornssler, Mike

John A. Mc Donald is a father of six children and a proud grandfather of eleven.

John A. started his career as a teacher in the far north of Saskatchewan in the La Ronge area. He has also run his own lumber yards and construction business and taught Adult Education in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia as well as acting as a school Trustee on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He has since returned to Alberta to be closer to the majority of his children and grandchildren.

John has always been active politically and he ran in the last Federal election in Westlock/St.Paul.

He is running in the Churchill River constituency to help spread the message that you can be environmentally responsible and economically conservative at the same time.

John would also like to see organized electoral districts on a proportional representation basis in order to give people an opportunity to have a true democratic say in government policy.

Desnethe - Missinippi - Churchill River
McDonald, John A.

Amanda Knorr, 24, has a 4 year old son, and a partner of 5 years. Since graduating from Cypress Hills Regional College with a Teacher Assistant Certificate in 2002, Amanda has worked at The Bentley Retirement Home and more recently at the Academy of Learning in Swift Current. Her time spent at Bentley’s opened her eyes to the challenges faced by the aging population in Cypress Hills-Grasslands and their need for a voice in this election.

As a young mother Amanda feels that the Green Party’s voice needs to be heard in this election because the time is now to start creating a better future for our children, the future of Canada. She believes that by increasing the accountability and equality of parliament, Canadians can once again regain their trust in politicians, allowing the parties to work together to move Canada forward on this issue in a positive direction.

Amanda is enthusiastic about promoting the Green Party’s platform as it concerns Child Poverty, Social Justice and Health Care. Amanda also recognizes the importance of listening to the concerns and opinions of those she talks with and is eager to expand her understanding of what is important to those she meets.

Amanda is very excited about running as your candidate for the Green Party in Cypress Hills-Grasslands and believes that if we work together we can make Canada a better place for her children and your grandchildren.

Cypress Hills - Grasslands
Knorr, Amanda

Larissa Shasko is a current resident of Moose Jaw, SK. She was born in Regina, and she was raised both in Regina and Lumsden, SK. Larissa loves the prairies and has resided in Saskatchewan almost all of her life. She will be 24 years of age on the date of the election. As a child she actively pursued the art of dancing, and although she no longer dances, the spirit of a dancer lives on in her.

Larissa has attended the University of Regina, and is currently a student of Athabasca University pursuing her B.A. Degree in Psychology and Journalism. Her post-secondary education also includes a Certificate in Early Childhood Education, as well as training in professional cooking at SIAST Palliser Campus.

Larissa has been a member of the Saskatchewan Centennial 2005 Committee of Moose Jaw for the past year. She has organized a youth art show, and she was a key planner in the Street Dance of the Century in Moose Jaw this past September. Larissa also attended a round table meeting with the Premier of Saskatchewan upon the recommendation of Moose Jaw’s mayor. Her presentation during the meeting included rebuilding the passenger train services in Moose Jaw and area, as well as encouraging the arts and film industry and lowering post-secondary tuition.

In addition to her university studies, Larissa has also run her own business as a personal chef specializing in Asian Infusion cuisine, sushi classes, and wine and food pairings. Her many custom dining experiences include a five-course gourmet dinner of Saskatchewan themed and organic ingredients designed for a winemaker from Chile during his recent tour of Canadian cities.

Larissa has always had a vision for a Canada run by honest leaders with integrity who have the best interest of Canadian citizens at heart. She is ambitious, enthusiastic, and committed to the Green Party for the long-term future. If elected she would be an involved and green-minded representative for Palliser residents.

Shasko, Larissa

Prince Albert
Zepp, Larry
Regina - Lumsden - Lake Centre
Sorochan, William (Bill)

I grew up in small-town Saskatchewan. Born just down the road from where I live today, I have chosen to sink my roots into Saskatchewan and make a life here. Though it is often too cold, and always too dry Saskatchewan possesses a spirit that is found nowhere else. We are hardcore people, but we have warm hearts.

I have spent the past two years as a UBC Masters student in the Resource Management and Environmental Studies program. My research focuses on understanding what motivates some people to take that extra step and turn their environmental concerns into environmental action.

Throughout university I have focused on the relationship between economics and the Earth. Studies in ecological economics, geography and community economic development have strengthened my knowledge of the issues that face our world, and economic strategies to address these issues. I have come to understand that what is good for our Earth is also good for our health, and our economy.

I have been active in green politics for the past five years. Along with Ben Webster I co-founded the University of Regina Campus Greens. I also co-founded a community economic development group in the Core neighbourhood of Regina.

I hope to make my first outing as a Green Party candidate a successful one, and build upon the efforts of previous candidates. Regina Qu’Appelle is a largely rural riding, and poses a challenge for campaigning, but I am ready for the challenge.

Regina - Qu'Appelle
Dolter, Brett

Michael Jones, 27, believes the Green Party has the most sustainable platform of the major political parties both economically and environmentally. In running as a green candidate he hopes to offer his electorate an alternative to the three currently available parties and their outdated responses to new problems.

After graduation Michael traveled extensively around Europe including living for 12 months in Moscow, Russia teaching English. He saw first hand how efficient and effective both inner and intra city public transit can be and believes no reason why Canada cannot achieve similar results.

Upon returning to Canada, Michael built a canoe and spent two summers on an epic canoe trip across Canada with his wife. The journey gave him an appreciation for the magnitude of Canada’s geography as well as giving him insight into the challenges faced by aboriginal communities. Since finishing the trip Michael has begun work on an historical fiction novel as well as speaking to school groups about his canoe journey and the fur trade in Canada.

Since moving to Saskatoon Michael has developed a great deal of respect and admiration for the hard work and dedication of the provinces farmers. He has come to believe that farmers are great stewards of their land and would like to help create an environment that would see farmers passing on family land to their children. Michael believes the Green Party view that “farmers do not want to farm the mailbox with subsidies, regulations, licenses, [and] user fees. Farmers want to produce good food for a decent price. Farmers want to feed a nation, not the bureaucrat.”

Michael has a B.A. in Geography from the University of Calgary, and a Certificate in English Language Training of Adults from Cambridge University.

Saskatoon - Humboldt
Jones, Mike

Rick is a community service worker in Saskatoon as well as a First Responder and volunteer firefighter in his community of Pike Lake. He was previously a Beaver, Cub, and Scout leader, and on the executive of the local Community Association.

Rick firmly believes that by focusing on the Key Values of the Green Party of Canada, we will build a strong framework for developing a co-operative, community- based society with the active participation of all members.

Realizing that the social, cultural, economic, and political are all interconnected, we all need to be actively involved in developing alternative ways of reaching the final goal, an ecologically sound society utilizing the imagination and initiative of the entire community.

Rick is the Green Party of Canada's advocate for Public Safety, Emergency and Civil Preparedness and has run as a Green Party candidate twice (federally in 2004 and provincially in 1999).


Saskatoon - Rosetown - Biggar
Barsky, Rick

I was born in northeastern Saskatchewan and raised on a co-operative farm. I attended the University of Saskatchewan before moving to Ottawa to accept a position with the federal government. During my 25 years in Ottawa, I worked for the federal government and also formed my own consulting firm.

I have worked extensively within co-operative organizations. I was part of a team to create a co-operative housing project in the Ottawa area and am currently working through a co-operative organization offering complementary, alternative health therapies. In this capacity, I teach and perform Reiki treatments to help clients cope with stressful issues in their lives and to alleviate physical pain and symptoms of stress.

I have also worked within the retail sector in both sales and office manager positions.

Although the Green Party of Canada platform resonates with my values and beliefs, two of the main principles of implementation of proportional representation and a return of democracy to the citizens of Canada instead of six weeks every four or five years are particularly important to me.

Saskatoon - Wanuskewin
Cameron, Don

Matt Smith was born in Brantford, ON in 1977. He now lives in Oxbow, SK with his wife Christy.

Matt attended the Seneca College for Computers and Business Administration and has worked in the technology field for over 13 years. He currently holds the position of systems Administrator with Waterflood Sales and Service. His experience extends into the fields of project management, outsourcing, library services, customer service, international marketing and distribution, technology management and open source

Matt is also active in community development through volunteering, especially in community theatre, and now by running for the Green Party.

Campaign Address:
516 Main Street
Oxbow, Saskatchewan
S0C 2B0

Souris - Moose Mountain
Smith, Matthew

Nigel Taylor has been a member of the Regina arts community for his entire life. He is currently the Assistant-Principal Trumpet for the Regina Symphony Orchestra and performs regularly in Regina and throughout Canada with Lazer Blade, the Nancy Ray-Guns, the Kyrie K. Groove, and the Jonathon Dyck Quintet.

In 2005 Nigel was a composer/arranger and music coordinator for Challenging Bodies, a project that used innovative computer technology to allow variously-abled artists to perform and improvise music, dance, and visual production. In 2004, Nigel worked as a composer and musician with We—The City, performing his original works as well as Rob Hunter’s pawatan, a Cree-language multi-disciplinary project dealing with the collision between traditional beliefs and the urban experience. Nigel is also co-creator of the improvisational-theatre/street-performance group Cirque D’Erable (Maple Circus). He continues to be a sought-after musician and performer in the Saskatchewan arts community.

In 2003 Nigel was a candidate for the New Green Alliance in Regina Walsh Acres. He has remained active in the Green Party of Canada and continues to support environmental initiatives throughout the City.

Taylor, Nigel

Yorkton - Melville
Keith Neu