GPS Convention 2001 Approved Policies 


2001.1 - Party membership

RESOLVED that a party membership purchased at any time of the year will be valid through the period of the next annual convention following the purchase of the membership and shall remain valid until the opening of the subsequent annual convention.

2001.2 - Electoral platform

RESOLVED that a Green Party of Saskatchewan working group be established to define a basic, electoral platform and then release it to our membership for feedback and solicitation. The electoral platform is approved at the annual convention.

2001.3 - Gay marriages

RESOLVED that the Green Party of Saskatchewan support the legalization of Gay marriages in Saskatchewan, Canada and elsewhere.

2001.4 - Recycling

RESOLVED that the Green Party of Saskatchewan support a ban on disposal of recyclables and encourage strong the recycling of such useful material in Saskatchewan and elsewhere.

2001.5 - Genetically engineered wheat

RESOLVED that all forms of genetically engineered wheat be banned from Saskatchewan.