Resolutions debated and adopted at the 2005 Annual General Meeting and Convention

Constitutional Resolutions

2005.1 Be it resolved that the Constitution of the New Green Alliance be changed so that the official name of the party will be the “Green Party of Saskatchewan”.

2005.2. Be it resolved that
Section 2 - Provincial Bylaws, Article 8 Provincial Executive Officers, point 4 which states:
“ The order of election shall be as follows:
Party Leader
Party President
Party Vice-President
Treasurer/Chief Official Agent”

Be amended to read the following:

The order of election shall be as follows:
Party Leader
- To be responsible as the external/public voice of the Green Party of Saskatchewan
- To respond in a timely fashion, contact requests from the public, media, and organizations primarily based in Saskatchewan.
- To ensure that the passed resolutions of the Green Party of Saskatchewan are effectively communicated to the public.

Party President
- To be responsible for the internal/member voice and
direction of the Green Party of Saskatchewan
- To ENSURE Executive, Annual, and Special Meetings of

Party Vice-President
- To support the President in his/her duties
- To be the acting President when the President is unable to fulfill his/her duties for a short period of time between the Annual General Meeting

- To record minutes of each Executive, Annual, and Special Meeting of the Green Party of Saskatchewan.

Treasurer/Chief Official Agent
- To be responsible for the Provincial Accounts of the Green Party of Saskatchewan
- To be the main contact of the Green Party of Saskatchewan with Elections Saskatchewan
- To ensure the Green Party of Saskatchewan fulfills it's obligations as set out in the Saskatchewan Elections Act.

The Provincial Executive Officers shall:
- Act pro-actively to ensure the orderly functioning of the party within the framework and spirit of the Constitution of the Green Party of Saskatchewan,
- Ensure that all functionary positions are filled, - Ensure that all functionary responsibilities are undertaken in a timely and expeditious manner Engage in long term planning.
- Ensure all passed resolutions of theGreen Party of Saskatchewan are acted upon in a timely and expedient manner.
- Be the voice of the general membership in-between annual general meetings.

2005.3. Be it resolved that in the case where a donation is for a candidates deposit to allow that person to run for the GPS in a provincial election, that s/he will receive the full 100% of the donation back. The provincial party will not subtract the 12% in the situation of it being for a candidate’s deposit .

Policy Resolutions Passed at Convention 2005

2005.4. Be it Resolved that a Green Party of Saskatchewan government, in co-operation with First Nations governments, will promote “treaty education” at all levels of our formal education system as well as through public information efforts.

2005.5. Be it Resolved that a Green Party of Saskatchewan government, as a first step to create a better democratic participation in our decision-making process, will lower the legal age for voting in municipal and school board elections to 16 years.

2005.6. Be it Resolved that a Green Party of Saskatchewan government enact legislation to lower the voting age in Saskatchewan to 16 years of age.

2005.7. Be it resolved that the Green Party of Saskatchewan supports those farmers, farm groups and organizations which are advancing an alternative beef industry system for Canada:
(1) Breaking dependence on the U.S. market by stressing the Canadian market and the overseas export market;
(2) Creating a series of locally owned and controlled meat packing plant across Canada;
(3) Full testing of animals and the creation of local brands for meats;
(4) Move to more natural methods of meat production, without use of hormones and antibiotics to artificially promote growth;
(5) A move towards family farm production instead of intensive livestock operations;
(6) Prepare for the oil peak by moving to local production, processing and distribution.

2005.8. Be it resolved, that the Green Party of Saskatchewan supports the campaign by the National Farmers Union and others to guarantee and enshrine in legislation the inalienable rights of farmers and other Canadians to save, reuse, select, exchange, and sell seeds.

2005.9. Be it resolved that a Green Party of Saskatchewan Government would support the achievement of the goals of the Food Charter Movement in Saskatchewan by actively encouraging and supporting community-based groups or individuals who are working to provide retail access to affordable, safe and nutritious food in urban and rural areas not effectively served by the current food retail system.

Be it further resolved that if community groups or private individuals or companies are unable or unwilling to provide this appropriate and affordable food access, that a food retail system be undertaken by the Government of Saskatchewan similar to the system of Government run liquor sales outlets, to meet the basic nutrition access needs of all Saskatchewan citizens.

2005.10. Be it resolved that the GPS support non-smoking workplaces including aboriginal ones.

2005.11. Be it resolved that the GPS support the re-establishment of the Provincial Dietician position which was abolished by the Romanow/Calvert government.

2005.12. Be it resolved that the GPS supports the elimination of the annual $100 million provincial subsidy spent by the Romanow/Calvert government on Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Food such as GMO wheat and,
Be it further resolved that the GPS supports research development of Saskatchewan organic agriculture

2005.13 Be it resolved that the GPS would re-establish the provincial public health library for public education on health issues.5

2005.14. Be it resolved that the GPS provide insulin to diabetics at $2.00 a vial and also provide free chemical strips and swabs.

2005.15. Be it resolved that the GPS support removal of all VLTs (Video Lottery Terminals) from Saskatchewan due to the health issues they create.

2005.16. Be it resolved that the GPS would ban all cigarette sales in any medical facility or pharmacy.

2005.17. Be it resolved that the GPS supports: immediately raising the minimum wage to $7.50/hour, condemning the 0-1-1% public wage controls and supports free collective bargaining instead, implementation of anti-scab legislation like in BC and Quebec, remove the minimum "hours required" to get pro-rated benefits as stated in the Labour Standards Act.

2005.18. Be it Resolved that the GPS will develop and implement legislation to initiate a mandatory environmental deposit of 25 cents on every new plastic bag distributed in Saskatchewan. The funds generated by this deposit will be used to develop plastic bag reduction, collection, re-use, and recycling information, services, and programs across the province.

The members at the September 24 Meeting of members at Craik Eco Centre passed the following:

2005Fall.1   Be it resolved that the Green Party of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan division of the Green Party of Canada, meeting at the EcoCentre at Craik, Saskatchewan, on September 24, 2005, the International Day of Protest against the war in Iraq:
(1) Declares our support for and commitment to the establishment of a demilitarized society based on mutual co-operation and non-violent conflict resolution amongst all people and nations, and
(2) reaffirms our support for the United Nations as the only legitimate structure to intervene in national and international conflicts; and
(3) calls on the government of Canada to withdraw all support for the U.S. and British-led invasion of Iraq.

2005 Fall .2  Be it resolved that
[a] A committee be selected to draft and circulate a statement of concern that Saskatchewan Greens have about the policy direction and the mode of operation of the GPC under its present leadership. The draft statement will be prepared by October 1, 2005.
[b] The draft statement will be circulated around the Saskatchewan Green networks and posted on the GPS web site for one month, until the end of October 31, 2005. All members are encouraged to make their views known on this draft statement. At the end of October the executive of the GPS will review the draft and the comments and come up with a consensus position.
[c] In early November the GPS will send this statement to the GPC, other provincial Green groups, members of the GPC and the GPS, and the mass media. This statement will be signed by the members of the executive of both the GPS and the GPC Sask Division.

The drafting committee, chosen by volunteer: Neil Sinclair, Dave Greenfield, Victor Lau and Jack Warnock.