Angela Penna

Vice-President GPS



Bio - Angela Penna, Vice-President of the Green Party of Saskatchewan

I am 36 years of age, married with two children, aged 12 & 13. I am returning to Saskatoon from 8 years in Southern Ontario where I was involved in educating children. I worked with Learning through the Arts, writing original curriculum and I founded and taught at a home schooling cooperative. I was awarded the YMCA Canada Peace Medal for a Curriculum that was implemented in the Public School System in Hamilton, Ontario, as a positive post 911 response.

Upon return to Saskatchewan, I was inspired by Dr. Helen Caldicott’s visit to Saskatoon in March 2007. She spoke about how we all need to do our part for the environment. My parents have been involved as activists in the province since I was young. I see my involvement now as a passing of the torch. My own children are asking big important questions and I feel compelled to be apart of the solution rather than a passive spectator of the growing problems of today. Dr. Caldicott, my parents and my concerned children are all the inspiration I need to feel empowered in a disempowered democracy.

The Saskatchewan people have been made to believe that there are only two parties to vote for - neither of which have any solutions to the real issues of today. Solutions do exist and we need to communicate them to the people of this great province.

We need to win seats in the upcoming election and I truly believe this is attainable and I will work diligently for this goal.

By communicating the solutions of the Green Party to the Saskatchewan people, we’re not only giving them a political choice - we’re giving them a vision of hope. We’re more than a political party, we are apart of a world-wide historical movement that will transform all of our lives for generations to come.

I am proud to be a part of the Green Team and I humbly invite you to join us and help spread our message of hope to the people of Saskatchewan and the world.

We’re not right - We’re not left - We’re out in front! Vote Green Today!