Larissa Shasko

Larissa Shasko was born in 1982 in Regina, Saskatchewan. She has been a lifetime resident of this province and has made the choice to stay in Saskatchewan and work at making it a better place to live for everyone, now and in the future. She fought hard to bring about positive change in the the 2006 federal election by running as a candidate for Palliser for the Green Party of Canada. Larissa moved to Moose Jaw in July, 2004 and found her future home there. She volunteered as Youth Representative for the Saskatchewan Centennial 2004 Moose Jaw Committee. Larissa was also recommended by Mayor Schwinghammer to attend as a youth representative at a round table meeting with Premier Calvert in spring of 2005. Her political interests have always been founded on the desire to create real change in a society that she has always viewed as having many problems, injustices, and inequalities. With the current downward trend of society due to corporations and wealth, her interests have turned into passions. Larissa's initiatives and ideologies are based on what is best for the citizens, not the government or the corporations.

Larissa became involved with the Green Party because the ideas that they have are more than just ideas; they are real solutions. Larissa believes that preventative health-care, proportional representation and eliminating poverty are key agendas of the Green Party of Saskatchewan. However, she recognizes and fears that without protecting and preserving our environment today, all other issues will not matter anymore. Larissa remains committed to the people of Moose Jaw by running as their Green Party of Saskatchewan candidate in Wakamow.

Just this fall, Larissa has gone back to school at the University of Regina to become a stronger voice for her constituents. She aims to become a lawyer so that she has the ability to create positive change from the inside of the system. Meanwhile, problems like nuclear energy keep her necessarily there to do what is best for the people. " We are hearing that a nuclear generator and nuclear energy are good for Saskatchewan. This is wrong! They are not good for anyone!" says Larissa. "We haven't even begun to maximize other more environmentally safe methods of generating electricity, like wind and solar power. Where else is there more sunshine and wind than in Saskatchewan? How can anyone condone putting our citizens and our world at such a risk for the sake of profit? The Green Party is the only party to oppose developing this nuclear monster and to oppose potentially supplying terrorists with supplies for atomic bombs by mining uranium."

Larissa continues to live in Moose Jaw and has the support of her three cats and her boyfriend of three years behind her in the fight to do what is right.