Steve Lawrence


Steve is a long time advocate of the soft energy paths - conservation, wind, solar, small hydro, geothermal, biomass, co-generation applications that use energy more efficiently, and other clean technologies. I strongly believe that the opportunities represented by these decentralized power sources could build a viable economy from households right through to heavy industry. I was a strong opponent of the Warman Refinery, Candu 3, and expansion of the uranium industry because the entire cycle poses a needless risk to present and future generations.

I think our Royalty structure for resource extraction should be revised to maximize benefits to the citizens of Saskatchewan and that their rate of extraction should be tied to our need for these royalties, raw materials for our own value added industries, and our desire to leave something for the future. I firmly believe that the uranium, oil and gas, and forestry industries in particular need a cumulative assessment that will set the rules for future development. The forestry industry could be managed as a community resource with many stakeholders committed to good management practices and, collectively, they will be less susceptible to market conditions.

I believe in the principle of ecological wisdom and the urgency of climate change. We have a short time to make significant changes in the way we do things. I also believe that these changes will foster a need for innovation that will have some very positive impacts on our economy if we embrace them early enough.

From these few words I hope that you can see that I fully embrace all the principles of the party. I try to live by example, and I work hard for those I serve. I have been a carpenter for nearly 30 years and as an instructor I try to impart the benefits of energy efficiency as well as taking pride in a job well done. On a personal level, I have two grown children who have left to work outside of the province and I am a cancer survivor so I am well aware of the challenges and heartache that others face.

I count myself as an active member of the community in quite a number of roles.


On October 30, the Prince Albert & District is hosting a public forum with the local candidates for the Provincial Election. This will be held at 7 pm at the E.A. Rawlinson Center.There will be questions submitted to the candidates on Friday October 26, and there will also be questions from the audience 


Steve will be a member of this forum.

Click here to see the text of Steve's oral presentation and the answers he submitted to the Chamber's Questions.  This is a very thoughtful and effective application of Green principles to real questions.