GPS Candidate Platform Statement
Dear friends and neighbours,

I have decided to let my name stand in this election to put climate change and the environment on the table, an issue conspicuously absent, from the three leading parties agenda.
Climate change is the number one issue around the world today. Not a day goes by without news of natural catastrophic events, with more to come. Most countries are implementing emissions and conservation regulations, through international protocols, regional and local initiatives to prevent or alleviate the social, economic, and environmental turmoil caused by these events.


Saskatchewan continues to live in denial. The environment is largely absent from the agenda of three of the four parties running in this election. The problem is urgent and complex, perceived as political suicide- as the kind of actions necessary will be strict and unpopular- and requires leadership and courage not seen in these parts since the Depression.

When climate change affects the global economy- to which Saskatchewan belongs- and the basic ability of the planet to sustain life? As a producer of fossil fuels and uranium, we are morally bound to abide by protocols to reduce adverse impacts of those products on the atmosphere, even if those do not affect us directly or immediately,

GROWTH, PROSPERITY, but for how long?

We have abundant, and very desirable, water, natural, and human resources. Examining and setting the moral, environmental and economic standards that will be used to determine how our exploitation of this potential proceeds is critical.
-Does the quality of life we enjoy now matter to us?
-Do we want to make our own decisions about our province?
-Do we want to contribute to global environmental problems or be a model of responsible conservation and sustainability?
-Do we want business as usual: profit for a few, consequences for all?
-Do we want to exploit and waste our resources or manage them sustainably for the benefit of all?
-Do we want to sell the cow or do we want to sell the milk?

Demand environmental accountability.
Educate ourselves about those issues that affect us. Make changes in our own practices.
Be part of the solution, participate in the political process.
Talk with our peers and our politicians about the environment, without fear.
Demand transparency about decision making from our governing bodies.

We need to take action NOW to preserve what remains of an already impoverished environment. Already there are unhealthy signs in this province, unsustainable deforestation, destructive mining practices, refugees from Alberta, looking for the quality of life and affordable living that is lost there; unchecked urban sprawl, with infrastructure unable to cope, and inflated real estate prices.
Let your politicians know that those issues matter to you!

Anita Rocamora, Candidate, Green Party of Saskatchewan

Authorized by the business manager for Anita Rocamora