GPS Candidate Platform Statement


ELECT  Crystal Stadnyk  in Saskatoon-Massey Place

If your kids could vote they would vote for the Green Party because they know their future depends on a change!

One of the people in my constituency was telling me how she encourages her children to learn about the importance of voting, and so she always takes them to with her to vote. This year she asked one of her children who he thought they should vote for. He answered "The Green Party". It seems that kids connect with the common sense idea that polluting our world is an inherently bad thing and that we need a government committed to cleaning and greening up our province and our planet.

My Platform
Local Food Supply - Saskatchewan was built on family based agriculture. Large agribusiness is making it hard for family farms to compete while at the same time failing to provide local food production of vegetables and value added food products. We must encourage local food growth both on our family farms and within our cities. We can supply our own food an make ourselves less reliant on imported food that because of the growing methods used can be at risk - for example the fairly recent recall of contaminated spinach. We can and must do better at feeding ourselves in the years to come.

I would love to see Massey Place lead Saskatchewan and Canada in community gardening and related healthy eating activities. We have great communities within Massey Place and we would all benefit from the advantages of growing some of our own healthy food and learning how to make the most out our food budgets.
Reducing Pollution - Each day the landfills in Saskatchewan grow larger, each day more pollutants enter our air, our water, and our soil. While each of us can do something to help reduce this pollution so can a Green Party government.

To encourage individual waste reduction: I support the development of efficient building methods and well thought out building design for both homes and workplaces. With a little innovation we can provide support for alternative building methods and healthy ways to maintain our homes. Through proper design we can reduce our reliance on polluting methods of heating and cooling our homes. And many alternative building methods can dramatically reduce the amount of polluting resources used to build our homes.
To encourage industrial waste reduction: We should end subsidies to polluting industries like oil and gas. Afterall wouldn't you rather our government focus its support on the small and medium sized local businesses that keep Saskatchewan growing in positive ways rather than helping to fill the already bulging pockets of big oil? Imagine if those subsidy dollars went towards supporting innovative clean industries as they develop - Saskatchewan could be a leader in the development of ways to help clean up our planet.
Accessible Education - I believe everyone should be as lucky as I am - I have been able to experience two of our excellent post-secondary institutions, SIAST and the University of Saskatchewan, but not everyone who would like to access education is able to do so. We must ensure that tuition is affordable and that students have adequate resources to be effective in their studies. I also believe that the education of people in the trades is immensely important to the future of the province. This trade education must be accessible and we should provide encouragement to the trades to continue to explore ways to build and maintain more efficient homes and workplaces. Finally, I also believe that it is vital that the financial burden of educating our children not fall so entirely on property taxes - we must look at alternate ways to fund education.

Energy Conservation - As sustainable building practices will reduce pollution by reducing construction waste so to can sustainable building practices create homes and workplaces that don't rely so heavily on polluting methods of heating and cooling. A little care in the design and layout of a building goes a long way. We can also encourage people to use systems that make their home more self sufficient by encouraging reverse metering. Reverse metering is used in many European countries and encourages individuals to add solar or other power/heat generating methods to their homes. Then during the day when electricity demands are highest the excess power created in individual homes is put into the grid to help supply other homes and businesses with power. That excess power supplied to the grid helps to offset the cost of any power the home must draw on days of decreased power generation from its own sources. This reverse metering in combination with grants encouraging solar roof/walls would help us to make much better use of the wonderfully, abundant sunny days in our province (even on those cold, sunny days in the winter).