Meet our new leader

Amber Jones is the Green Party of Saskatchewan Leader and the Saskatchewan Representative on the Green Party of Canada federal council.

Amber was born and raised in Saskatoon. Amber traveled extensively, around the world and across Canada, after graduating high school. It was during her cross Canada canoe trip that Amber realized the importance of having a healthy environment as the basis for a strong economy and vibrant community. In 2002, Amber taught English as a second language to Russian students in Moscow.

Amber returned to Saskatoon and graduated in 2005 with distinction with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan. She studied environmental and soil science and completed an undergraduate thesis in agroforestry. Amber worked for the University of Saskatchewan after graduation in the soil science department as a research technician. In 2006 she began working for Northern EnviroSearch as an environmental consultant.

Amber and her husband believe in practicing what they believe in, and are currently developing an innovative year-round greenhouse project that will be able to provided fresh, local produce to Saskatoon residents with minimal use of fossil fuels. They are always trying to reduce their carbon foot print.

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