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GPS AGM This Saturday


May 14th (Not the 13th as stated in the Bonser Ballot Package)
10am - 5pm

Carpenter's Church
1339 Ave D N (Corner of Ave D and 35th St)
Saskatoon, SK
Call 306-653-5836 for more information

REMINDER - Bonser Ballots
Bonser Ballots can be mailed in or brought to the AGM.  There were 61 resolutions submitted.  You can download a bonser ballot and review the resolutions.

Executive Elections
Occur at the AGM, the Deputy Leader, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer positions are all up for re-election as well as three new Member-at-large positions.  Please consider getting involved in your party executive this year!


Green Party of Saskatchewan: Wall Ignores Saskatchewan's Most Disadvantaged In 2011/12 Budget


The Wall Government called their 2011/12 provincial Budget the 'Saskatchewan Advantage', but according to Green Party Leader Larissa Shasko, the budget fails to provide help to the most economically disadvantaged people of Saskatchewan.

Shasko notes the irony of the terms the Wall Government has used to describe this year's budget.  In addition to talking about the 'Saskatchewan Advantage' the Wall Government also used the term 'this year country' to describe their economic agenda for Saskatchewan with this budget.  "The term 'this year country' represents the Wall Government's boom to bust approach for Saskatchewan's economy-- use it up today and leave the mess behind for tomorrow," states Shasko. "Today's youth will end up paying the price for Brad Wall's fiscal and environmental mismanagement and his lack of economic planning."

Larissa Shasko blogs about the Federal Budget

Federal Budget Reaction - Spring Election Likely 

My first reaction to this budget is dissapointment. A spring election looks inevitable, triggered because of the Harper Government's commitment to corporate interests over the interests of citizens. Food prices are rising, way beyond what can be considered an affordable cost for food, and soaring gas prices are putting immense stress on everyday Canadians who are already financially stressed to the max by what many are now calling the 'great recession.' Where are the personal income tax cuts for those on the lower and middle income end? The road back to balanced budgets requires that we raise corporate taxes, which have been trimmed down to practically nothing compared to what they once were. Why should the burden to pay down the debt be shifted onto citizens while corporations get a free ride? Small and locally owned businesses need serious support in order to protect Canada's local economy. We are talking about the lives of real people, real Canadians, but Harper and Flaherty just aren't getting it. They aren't listening, and so we will be back to the polls for another federal election.

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