Cost-Benefit Analysis of School Closures Incomplete

No closure of Dieppe and Haultain Schools without due diligence

Green Party of Saskatchewan Leader Victor Lau is calling the proposed closures of Dieppe and Haultain Schools ridiculous without due diligence having been done first. Lau is demanding a Cost-Benefit Analysis be done of the schools before any action proceeds to close the schools. In a Cost-Benefit analysis, the total costs of an action are compared with its total benefits to see if there is an overall net cost or benefit. In this case, a Cost-Benefit analysis would determine if the proposed closures would result in a net cost to Regina taxpayers or a net benefit. The costs and benefits would include opportunity costs, which would include all of the opportunities lost to Regina people through the closures.

“What if at the end of the day, the Analysis showed taxpayers in Regina would suffer an overall loss with the schools gone?” says Lau. “We have to do right by Saskatchewan people, and make sure due diligence is done before doing something as monumental as closing a school.”

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.

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