Environment policy from the 2007 Green Book:

  • Implement groundwater monitoring to provide reliable information on water quality and levels in aquifers and their variability.
  • Start monitoring water withdrawals from industry and irrigation.
  • Begin to collect and analyze regional health care data looking for abnormal health trends so as to identify any environmental causes within the region.
  • Ban the cosmetic use of pesticides.
  • Create new provincial parks to aid in conservation efforts.
  • Increase the province‚Äôs recycling capacity by investing in new recycling centers and developing an efficient rural recycling collection program.
  • Begin a cumulative impact assessment of all oil and gas activity in the province to understand the impact this industry has on our wildlife, vegetation and residents.
  • Require that before a permit for a new oil or gas well is granted, the company has decommissioned and reclaimed an inactive oil or gas well.