Greens Have Answer to Housing Crisis

Regina, Saskatchewan, Mar 6 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is demanding the Saskatchewan Party Government stop ignoring the growing rental housing crisis in this province. GPS Leader Victor Lau is appalled that elderly women and other renters at 2221 Robinson Street are effectively being thrown into the street with a 77 percent rent increase. “This kind of rent increase is unacceptable,” says Lau. “What if this encourages every landlord in Regina to raise their rent 77 percent in the coming year?”

But Lau stresses that rent control is not the solution to this crisis. “Credible research shows that rent control only results in discrimination against certain kinds of renters, and slum housing. Lau says the solution to the province’s rental housing crisis is for the provincial government to come up with an aggressive strategy for more social housing. “The only effective way to bring down rent levels is for more rental units to be built in the coming years. The fastest way to do this is for the Sask Party Government to start mass producing rental housing units now, using a common design to speed up the process.” Lau says any other solution will result in winners and losers.

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