Health policy from the 2007 Green Book:

  • Support the 5 principles of Medicare: Public Administration, Comprehensiveness, Universality, Portability and Accessibility
  • Promote preventative health care policies that keep the residents of Saskatchewan healthy, fit and out of the hospital.
    • Remove PST from all sporting good purchase.
    • Expand funding for youth and recreational sports programs to increase access and participation.
    • Mandate and fund healthy food programs in schools while banning pop and junk food vending machines.
    • Require greater involvement of people dealing with personal mental health problems in decision-making for all policy that affects their lives and communities.
  • Create birthing centres and invest in midwifery programs
  • Invest in new forms of rural emergency health care such as helicopter ambulances.
  • Ensure that every resident has a right to clean air and clean water.