Sask Energy gouging taxpayers

Regina, Saskatchewan, April 12 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is outraged that SaskEnergy is gouging taxpayers not once, but twice. GPS Leader Victor Lau notes SaskEnergy generated a profit of $73-million last year. Lau says the profit would be acceptable if the natural gas Crown Corporation wasn’t also asking for a rate hike that will see the average natural gas bill rise by $28 per year per household. “SaskEnergy is gouging taxpayers, not once but twice. Clearly earning a huge profit is not enough for the company.” Lau points out that the profits earned should be enough for SaskEnergy to get by on. “This rate increase is absolutely ridiculous. Perhaps the provincial government should stop raiding the Crowns and let Sask Energy reinvest their enormous profit to keep our energy rates low.” Lau also says, “If SaskEnergy was a Crown Cooperative, every Saskatchewan user would have received a dividend cheque of more than $73 each.” The GPS supports the conversion of Crown Corporations into Cooperatives.

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