Convention 2013: Ballot Packages Mailed

2013 Annual Convention (“AGM”)

Saturday, April 27, 2022   10:00AM-4:30PM

(Registration 9:00 to 10:00)

Craik Eco-Centre

A package was mailed “to everyone who is a member in good standing of the Party, or has had their membership lapse within the last year” (Bylaw 10.9), on Saturday 16 March, containing information on candidates for Executive office, information on resolutions submitted, and secret ballots for mail-in voting.

Contact to request a package, if yours does not arrive in a few days, or if you did not qualify at the time but have since [re-]joined the Party, or wish to do so. Completed ballots need to be received at the GPS office by April 23, unless they are turned in at Convention.

Please consider donating to help ensure we can afford to have fair voting within the party, as well as to help us with future initiatives. Donations are typically eligible for a 75% Saskatchewan tax credit, meaning that a donation of $100 only costs $25.


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