Energy policy from the 2007 Green Book:

  • Implement a carbon tax similar to Quebec’s that will represent the true cost of fossil fuel energy. This will encourage our residents and industries to be more efficient today, and will make Saskatchewan a North American leader in sustainable energy consumption. Farm fuel inputs will be exempt from this tax.
  • Use the proposed carbon tax revenue to utilize Saskatchewan’s vast untapped wealth in renewable resources; developing solar and wind generating capacity to reduce our dependence on coal and avoid nuclear power.
  • Invest in new and better transmission lines to service the province and increase access to Manitoba’s renewable hydro power generation.
  • Expand energy conservation programs to include:
    • The selling of only Energy Star appliances
    • Refundable tax credits increasing to $50,000 for the purchase of R-2000 and other highly efficient homes, base on Energuide or infrared assessment
    • Providing grants for 50% of the cost of solar thermal roofs or walls including solar hot water, as in Sweden
  • Promotion of the development of cellulose and waste product ethanol technology.