Green Party Leadership

Victor Lau, who has been acting as leader since the resignation of Larissa Shasko, has been confirmed as interim leader by the executive of the Green Party of Saskatchewan.

The executive is accepting nominations for a new Leader until September 19, 2011.  If there are no other candidates, Victor Lau will be confirmed as Leader at a special meeting.  Otherwise, a Leadership race will be initiated to be determined before the writ drops.  

Contact to nominate a candidate for the Leadership of the party.

Green Party Response to the Canadian Cancer Society

We received the following questions from the Canadian Cancer Society:

1.What are your comments on the current tobacco control strategy Building a Healthy Saskatchewan and what is the position of The Green Party of Saskatchewan with respect to its funding?

The Green Party of Saskatchewan believes that healthy air, water and food should be available to all Saskatchewan citizens, thus we would ban all cigarette sales in all medical facilities & pharmacies.

We would immediately double the $1 million spent on the provincial tobacco control strategy, with the goal to make additional funding available further to that.  The Green Party of Saskatchewan supports the research and priorities of the Canadian Cancer Society as it pertains to preventative strategies amongst those most at risk.  To this end, Building a Healthy Saskatchewan is an important step toward affecting positive change in health policy at the provincial level.

 2.  What is the position of The Green Party of Saskatchewan with respect to phasing out the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides in the province?

Again, The Green Party Party of Sasatchewan believes in the prevention of illness, and the right of all to healthy food, clean water, and clean air.  This is abundantly important when between 6 and 8 out of 10 people believe cosmetic pesticide use to be dangerous to their health.  The use of cosmetic pesticides has already been banned in five provinces and The Green Party of Saskatchewan supports the adoption of similar policies banning pesticides in urban centers for a start, with a view toward greater research into commercial pesticide use and its effect on the health of those nearby.  This is an achievable goal in need of very little phasing- just immediate action.

3.  What is the position of The Green Party of Saskatchewan with respect to restricting youth under the age of 18 from using indoor tanning equipment?

The Green Party of Saskatchewan supports preventative health care, considering social, economic and environmental factors. With that said, it must be pointed out that it is youth between the ages of 15 to 30 who are at risk of developing Melanoma due in part to greater use of tanning beds- which is a social phenomena.

The Green Party of Saskatchewan would increase greater awareness campaiging amongst the young population concerning health risks involved in using indoor tanning equipment, supporting the Canadian Cancer Society through specific grants. And, yes, The Green Party of Saskatchewan supports restricting youth under the age of 18 from using indoor tanning equipment.

Press Release:Green Party of Saskatchewan alarmed by outcome of Canada's annual energy & mines ministers' conference



JULY 20, 2022

The Green Party of Saskatchewan today expressed "profound disappointment" in the outcome of Canada's annual energy and mines ministers' conference, held on Monday and Tuesday in Kananaskis, Alberta.

Party leader Larissa Shasko said, "Instead of planning for an economically and ecologically sustainable green energy future in Canada where jobs will be created and pollution reduced, the energy and mines ministers have irresponsibly chosen to go the route of increased tar sands extraction that will take Canada and the rest of the world past the tipping point of climate change.”

"In describing the Alberta tar sands as a 'sustainable major supplier of energy to the world', the ministers' communiqué distorts the English language to the breaking point. Non-renewable, high-carbon fossil fuels are by their very nature unsustainable," continues Shasko.

We are already seeing the early impacts of climate change globally in record floods, record droughts, record temperatures, increasingly severe storms, the steady decline of arctic pack ice, and the melting of glaciers worldwide.  Weather is becoming more extreme - and not only in rainfall and temperatures in the prairies.  This year so far has seen 900 new temperature records in the USA alone and serious drought throughout the US southwest, as well as prolonged and unprecedented floods in Colombia and the developing tragedy of drought in the horn of Africa.

Professional energy consultant Dr Mark Bigland-Pritchard, who ran for the Green Party in the federal election, pointed out that a graph used in the ministers' report to emphasise "growing global energy demand" describes the International Energy Agency's "current policies scenario", in which increased carbon dioxide emissions would result in a 6 degrees Celsius rise in global average surface temperatures by the end of the century.  This would mean, amongst other things, irreversible loss of the polar icecaps, the loss to fire and die-back of most of the world's great forests, and the loss of much oceanic life through acidification.  "It is unlikely", says Bigland-Pritchard, "that human civilization could continue for long in such an environment, because of unpredictable and extreme weather, the massive loss of agricultural land, the flooding of major centres of population, the inevitable wars over scarce basic resources, and the destructive impact of failed states."

The Green Party of Saskatchewan insists that such a global catastrophe is not inevitable, and that as a province we have much to gain by doing our fair share to avoid it.  Bigland-Pritchard notes the 300 thousand jobs created so far in the green energy sector in Germany.  "By making a radical shift to energy efficiency and clean safe renewable energy sources," said Shasko, "we could create local jobs, strengthen local economies and build local communities throughout Saskatchewan."  Saskatchewan has the best solar characteristics and the best usable inland wind resource in Canada, good hydroelectric resources, substantial potential for sustainable biomass and deep geothermal energy, and massive scope for energy efficiency savings.

"Given the real enduring long-term opportunities which a green energy economy would bring," said Bigland-Pritchard, "I cannot help wondering why Brad Wall and Bill Boyd choose to pursue policies which privilege oil executives in the short term and cockroaches and mosquitoes in the longer term.  They could instead be building a truly sustainable society in which our children can be proud to be citizens."  "A Green government", said Shasko, "would place value on providing for our children, not stealing from them."

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