Renewables are hot; nuclear is not

Renewables are the hot ticket for future electricity production. Nuclear is not. These are lessons the Saskatchewan government needs to pay attention to. The real growth potential in Canadian and global electricity markets resides in renewables.

Saskatchewan Greens call for transparency and democratic participation re: the Pinehouse "Gag Order"

Regina, Saskatchewan, Dec 20 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan is calling for transparency, consultation and democratic participation regarding the “Gag Order” in the agreement between the community of Pinehouse, and Cameco and Areva. “Why does the municipal government in Pinehouse need to be silenced in advance?” asks Party Leader Victor Lau. “Any agreement involving elected members of a municipal government in Saskatchewan should not include a ‘Gag Order’. It is very suspicious.” Lau says the “Gag Order” needs to be removed and the public should also be fully consulted. “There is no need for such secrecy and silencing unless a plan to store nuclear waste at Pinehouse is a direct result of this ridiculous agreement,” says Lau.

Second annual Becker-Lau New Year's Eve Potluck Party

The second annual Becker-Lau New Year’s Eve Potluck Party will be held at 2161 Winnipeg Street in the basement at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church. It is potluck, but everyone is asked to also make a small cash donation to help offset the cost of renting the hall. There will be a variety of board games played over the course of the evening, and many opportunities to mingle.

Everyone is welcome to this alcohol-free, child-friendly, potluck event. Come and go, between the hours of 7pm and 1am.

Regina Qu'Appelle Valley Greens Constituency Association Founding Meeting

The founding meeting of the Regina Qu‘Appelle Valley Green Party of Saskatchewan Constituency Association will be held
Monday, January 7, 2013 at 6:00pm
at Atlantis Coffee, 1992 Hamilton Street, Regina.

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NDP Opposition fails Saskatchewan people as democracy suffers

Regina, Saskatchewan, Dec 10 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is asking why it is being left to the Provincial Auditor to raise important issues instead of the NDP Opposition. GPS Leader Victor Lau says the NDP is failing the people of Saskatchewan by not telling them that the province’s Mid-Year Financial Report documents a provincial budget deficit of over $528 million. “Saskatchewan’s financial picture is quickly becoming a nightmare, but you wouldn’t know it, thanks to the lack of a strong Official Opposition in the Legislature,” says Lau. “The Wall Government claims we are in a budget surplus situation, but the NDP isn’t pointing out the truth. Why is the NDP failing our province?” asks Lau.

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