Saskatchewan Green Party supports Injunction against Cameco-Areva

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Dec 10 — On December 12th the mayor of Pinehouse, Saskatchewan, Mike Natomagan is scheduled to sign an agreement with Cameco/Areva that includes allowing waste management and a “gag order” against residents opposing mining operations. Regina Lawyer, Larry Kowalchuk along with a group of eight northerners is preparing an injunction to stop the agreement.

The Green Party of Saskatchewan will support this injunction and recognize that the residential “gag order” against Pinehouse represents a clear violation of The Canadian Charter, along with UN Declarations and even our Provincial Human Rights Act. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression are fundamental rights in any civilized society.

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Saskatchewan needs new strategy to end homelessness

Regina, Saskatchewan, Dec 7 — Recent headlines that suggest homelessness is still growing in Saskatchewan are very alarming. The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) points to a CBC news story about a homeless shelter being opened in the booming city of Estevan. GPS Leader Victor Lau says the Wall Government’s current homeless strategy is not working, and needs to be replaced immediately. The Green Party of Saskatchewan is proposing a new strategy to end homelessness ....

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Saskatchewan Greens welcome statue of Premier Walter Scott

Regina, Saskatchewan, Dec 4 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) welcomes news that the provincial government is having a statue built of Walter Scott, Saskatchewan’s first Premier. “Finally, the visionary who is responsible for the creation of our province is being recognized properly,” says Victor Lau, GPS Leader. “Scott laid the foundation for both the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly and for our province as a whole.” Lau says he looks forward to being on hand at the Legislature in June 2013 when the Walter Scott statue is unveiled.

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Greens say No to nuclear waste in Saskatchewan

Regina, Saskatchewan, Nov 28 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is opposed to any storage of nuclear waste in northern Saskatchewan. Yesterday CBC Bluesky interviewed a Cameco spokesperson about a proposed agreement with Cameco, Areva and the northern community of Pinehouse. The agreement would commit Pinehouse to any decisions made by these companies to store nuclear waste within or near the municipality. GPS Leader Victor Lau is alarmed by this agreement, “No community in this province should be strong-armed into storing nuclear waste,” says Lau. “The costs associated with storing the most toxic waste in the world far outweigh any benefits that might arise from this activity.” Lau notes that the potential for nuclear waste to leak into the water tables around Pinehouse is reason enough to oppose this move.

Vacancies Filled on GPS Executive

The GPS is pleased to announce the appointment of new members to its Executive as Members-at-Large, and the appointment of two elected Members-at-Large into more senior positions. Moving from Member-at-Large are Barry Dickie, President, and Evangeline Godron, Vice-President. New Members-at-Large are Marie Crowe, David Orban and Billy Patterson.

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