Green Party of Sask News Conference on Friday, November 23

Regina, Saskatchewan, Nov 21 — Victor Lau, Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, is holding a News Conference at 9:00 AM, Friday, November 23, 2012, in the Members Dining Room in the basement of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. The purpose of the news conference is to roll out the Green Party’s platform plank on the need for more government accountability.

Saskatchewan Greens support campaign for road to Wollaston Lake

Regina, Saskatchewan, Nov 21 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan is throwing its full support behind a campaign to have a proper, year-round road built to Wollaston Lake in northern Saskatchewan. Victor Lau commends petition organizer Caitlin Nickel for holding the Wall Government accountable for its failure to keep a promise to build a year-round road to Wollaston Lake. “The promise was made in 2008 and it has not been kept. This is shameful,” says Party Leader Victor Lau. “I can’t even begin to describe the anguish I felt when I found out that Caitlin’s mother died on the winter road to Wollaston in 2010.” It is terrible to think that Caitlin’s mother would still be with us today, if the government had kept its promise to build the new road. Lau demands construction begin on this road as soon as possible, and without undue delay.

ISC should be democratized not privatized

Regina, Saskatchewan, Nov 19: – The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is encouraging the Saskatchewan Party Government not to privatize the Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan (ISC). GPS Leader Victor Lau thinks this would be a huge mistake, “The voters of Saskatchewan have demonstrated time and again that they are not in favour of privatizing Crown Corporations. Yet the Saskatchewan Party Government insists on defying the wishes of the Saskatchewan electorate.”

Lau says privatization is not the way to make the Crowns more accountable. Instead, Lau says these agencies should be democratized by transforming them into Crown Co-operatives.

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New strategy needed to deal with Housing Crisis

Regina, Saskatchewan, Nov 19: – The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is not impressed with the Wall Government’s decision to restrict landlords from raising rents more than once annually unless they join a registry. Party Leader Victor Lau says this move by the Wall Government is not a real solution, “Forcing landlords to join a registry does nothing to ease the rental vacancy rate or make monthly rents less expensive.” Lau says the government needs an action plan that produces immediate results for those more seriously impacted by the housing crisis. “Those who are struggling under a dizzying cascade of rent increases can’t afford to wait for a solution to this crisis for much longer.”

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Upcoming Constituency Association Meetings - Regina

Regina Douglas Park Constituency Association
Annual General Meeting
Saturday, November 24, 2012, 6:00 pm
Altantis Coffee Vault, 1992 Hamilton Street

Regina South Constituency Association
Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 7:00 pm
Altantis Coffee Vault, 1992 Hamilton Street

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