Where is the research on private liquor stores?

Regina, Saskatchewan, Nov 8 — The Green Party of Saskatchewan thinks the Wall Government might be hasty in looking at privatizing liquor stores. “Where is the government’s research on privatized liquor stores?” asks Victor Lau, Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan. “What is the basis for expanding private liquor stores in the province?” Lau says the government should publicly release all of its research into the privatizing of liquor stores and the impact on taxpayers. “Unless they can prove that citizens will be better off with private liquor stores through credible research, our party will continue to question the need for these changes” says Lau.

It’s time to bring back the Saskatchewan Film Tax Credit

Regina, Saskatchewan, 2 Nov — The Green Party of Saskatchewan is very pleased with the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce’s suggestion that the Saskatchewan Film Tax Credit program should be restored. Party Leader Victor Lau says the Film Tax Credit should never have been eliminated in the first place, “We have witnessed the destruction of the Saskatchewan Film Industry, all because of this government’s short-sighted decision to kill the Film Tax Credit.” Lau urges the Wall Government to restore the Film Tax Credit without further delay.

Saskatchewan Greens stand behind Dr. Caldicott on Uranium Mining

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 30 Oct — The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) stands behind anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott’s call to action on Uranium Mining. Caldicott says there should be no more Uranium mines opened in Saskatchewan until all previous radioactive mine tailings in the province are cleaned up and contained. Caldicott is referring to an Oraclepoll survey of 800 Saskatchewan respondents, where two-thirds of those surveyed do not want more Uranium mines opened in the province until the tailings are dealt with. Caldicott is scheduled to speak in Saskatoon on this subject on 31 October and 1 November. GPS Leader Victor Lau supports Caldicott’s call to action on Uranium mines, “Everybody in Saskatchewan is being harmed by the mine tailings that Dr. Caldicott speaks of. It makes no sense for this radioactive mess to be ignored any longer.”

Saskatchewan Heritage Fund not a Pipedream, says Lau

Regina, Saskatchewan, for immediate release: – The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) likes the Wall Government’s decision to propose a Heritage Fund for the province. “This is long overdue for Saskatchewan” says Victor Lau, Leader of the GPS. “It is wasteful to take the revenue of non-renewable resources and use it for day-to-day government operations,” says Lau. “Windfalls from Potash and Oil should be put in the Heritage Fund after our accumulated debt is eliminated.”

Lau says there also needs to be a formula created for determining the royalty rates of natural resources in Saskatchewan. This formula needs to take interest rates and the inflation rate into consideration....

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Regina Douglas Park Meeting Saturday, October 27

The next meeting of the Regina Douglas Park Constituency Association will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2012, at 6 pm, upstairs at the Green Party of Saskatchewan head office, 2138 McIntyre Street, Regina.

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