Nuclear and Uranium Policy

Nuclear and Uranium Policy

Nuclear and Uranium policy from the 2007 Green Book:

  • The Green Party of Saskatchewan is opposed to nuclear power for the following reasons:
    • Nuclear power is fiscally unsound. The last nuclear power plant in Canada came in seven times over budget, costing $14 billion dollars. This does not include the high cost involved in decommissioning old power plants.
    • Nuclear waste cannot be stored, treated, or disposed of safely.
    • A large amount of radioactive tailings accumulate as a result of uranium mining. These tailings can leak into groundwater and affect the surrounding area, leading to increased cancer rates.
    • Depleted uranium ends up in weapons such as missiles and anti-tank bullets.
    • Nuclear power is not emmisions free. Large quantities of greenhouse gases are produced in the mining and refining of uranium as well as during the long construction period of the power plant.
  • We will phase out uranium mining in Saskatchewan, compensating those affected during transition.

Nuclear and Uranium Resolutions 1998-2011:

2007.10  Canada’s role regarding improper use of uranium

Be It Resolved, that the Green Party of Saskatchewan will lobby the federal government to enforce the non-proliferation treaty and discontinue the illegal sale of uranium to any country that uses it for nuclear weapons or depleted uranium weapons.

2006.11  Opposition to Uranium/ Nuclear in Saskatchewan

Be it resolved that the GPS executive prepare and issue a press release reaffirming our position to strongly oppose the development of the uranium mining and nuclear industry in Saskatchewan.

2003.29  Support United Nations disarmament efforts

BE IT RESOLVED that the GPS will work with other interested groups to press the federal government to present a resolution to the UN General Assembly with the following objectives:

  1. To empower the UN to permanently employ international teams of weapons inspectors who are mandated to search for and destroy all weapons of mass destruction found in any national territory, and who will report to the UN General Assembly any cases of non-compliance with this resolution
  2. To end all cultural, economic and political ties with any nation that continues to produce or maintain within its borders biological, chemical and/or nuclear weapons.
1999.3  Uranium Mining

That northern Saskatchewan land claims with Aboriginal First Nations be given priority, and that a settlement giving First Nations control over northern resources be immediately negotiated.

That a revenue sharing scheme between northern communities and mining companies operating in the north be immediately negotiated; if negotiations are not concluded in a timely manner, that such a scheme be legislated directly.

That present environmental regulations around mining operations be aggressively monitored and enforced by Environment Department officials.

That a full public inquiry be held into the end uses of Saskatchewan uranium.

That provincial royalty rates on Saskatchewan mineral resources be raised to reflect the mining infrastructure costs incurred by the public over the last three decades.

That taxation policy on mining companies be reviewed.

That no new uranium mines be licensed to operate in this province.

That present uranium mines be phased-out as new jobs are found for displaced workers.

1999.6  Nuclear Power

The Green Party of Saskatchewan resolves:

That no further provincial money be spent on nuclear power. The provincial government further directs all Department, Agencies and Crown Corporations to abandon any proposals to develop nuclear power programs for the Province.

That the province direct all Departments, Agencies and Crown Corporations to categorically refuse to partner themselves in any way with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL).

That the province pass legislation prohibiting the transportation and/or storage of nuclear reactor waste across or within provincial boundaries

Platform 2003: Nuclear and Uranium

A Green Party of Saskatchewan government will oppose the location of any nuclear fuel waste dump in Saskatchewan and opposes any plans to build a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan. The mining of uranium will be quickly phased out with a just transition for affected workers. A Green Party of Saskatchewan government will hold uranium mining companies accountable for cleanup of mining sites. Exports of uranium to countries with nuclear weapons and Depleted Uranium weapons will be halted immediately.

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