Other Public Policy

Resolutions passed 1998-2007:

1998.2. Marijuana
Resolved that the Green Party of Saskatchewan work with our allies and supporters to decriminalize marijuana usage in our society.
Be it further resolved that the Green Party of Saskatchewan supports all initiatives to bring about the use of industrial hemp in Canada.

1999.4.The Automobile
That a letter be sent to the Saskatchewan Motor Vehicle Dealers Association instructing them that they have one year to implement a plan to cut motor vehicle injuries and fatalities by 25%. If the desired result is not achieved, then a campaign will begin to divert provincial spending on highways to develop safer forms of mass public transportation. In the meantime, money should be spent to build up bicycle and other alternative transportation infrastructure in urban centers. Money should also be spent to develop short line rail in rural areas.
The 1994 amendments to the Automobile Accident Insurance Act should be repealed, restoring victims' legal right to sue.
The Automobile Accident Insurance Act should have its name changed to the Automobile Collision Survivors' Fund. 

2000.6 - Media Ownership

RESOLVED that the Green Party of Saskatchewan will work and support other organizations whose goal it is to have at least fifty per cent of media outlets owned and controlled by the popular class. This may take the form of worker/member media cooperatives, publicly owned or controlled broadcast services.

2001.3 - Gay marriages

RESOLVED that the Green Party of Saskatchewan support the legalization of Gay marriages in Saskatchewan, Canada and elsewhere.

2003.34.  Opposition to invasion of Iraq and support for United Nations

BE IT RESOLVED that the Green Party of Saskatchewan Convention 2003 supports the following declaration:
"The Green Party of Saskatchewan affirms its strong opposition to the illegal, unjust and unnecessary war of the United States and Great Britain against Iraq.
The convention expresses its support for Jean Chretien's government for its decision not to participate in this war. We support the government's commitment to the principles of the United Nations Charter and international
law and the respect the government has paid to Canadian public opinion.
The Green Party of Saskatchewan calls on the Canadian government to join with other countries in introducing the Uniting for Peace Resolution at the UN General Assembly. When action by the UN Security Council is blocked by veto, or threat of veto, the UN General Assembly can assume the role of peace maker.
This worked well in 1956 when Great Britain, France and Israel attacked Egypt. In 1956 the Canadian government supported the Uniting for Peace Resolution, and the General Assembly Played a key role in ending the war. Canada can do this again. The UN General Assembly represents the international community of nations and better reflects world public opinion.
This war is illegal under international law and violates the basic principles of the UN Charter. It is a war crime, "waging aggressive war," a principle well established in the Nuremberg War Crimes trials. The mass bombing of cities in Iraq by US and UK forces has led to untold losses of life of innocent civilians. The Green Party of Saskatchewan calls on the Canadian government to work with other countries to initiate charges of war crimes against the political leaders of the US and UK governments in either the World Court at The
Hague or the new International Court of Justice.
The Green Party of Saskatchewan stands in solidarity with the Green Party of the United States in calling for the destruction of all weapons of mass destruction in the United States."
2004.3 Justice reforms based on United Nations declarations

Be it resolved that a Green Party of Saskatchewan government will take measures to create an effective justice system for the citizens of Saskatchewan based on the United Nations' Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime.

2004.4 Work to create a "restorative justice" system in Saskatchewan
Be it resolved that a Green Party of Saskatchewan government of Saskatchewan will build a restorative justice system that
a. Works to restore those who have been injured.
b. Ensures that those most directly involved and affected by crime have the opportunity to participate fully in the response if they wish.
c. Sees the Government's role as preserving a just public order, and the community's role as building and maintaining a just peace.
d. Seeks true justice for victims of wrong-doing by effective victim support and compensation as well as timely disposition of cases before the courts.

2004.6 Ensure rights to effective legal representation for all
Be it resolved that a Green Party of Saskatchewan government will create or modify programs to ensure that effective legal representation before the courts in both civil and criminal matters will be available to all citizens as a basic requirement for a just society.

2005 Fall .1 Position on Canada and war

Be it resolved that the Green Party of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan division of the Green Party of Canada, meeting at the EcoCentre at Craik, Saskatchewan, on September 24, 2005, the International Day of Protest against the war in Iraq:
(1) Declares our support for and commitment to the establishment of a demilitarized society based on mutual co-operation and non-violent conflict resolution amongst all people and nations, and
(2) reaffirms our support for the United Nations as the only legitimate structure to intervene in national and international conflicts; and
(3) calls on the government of Canada to withdraw all support for the U.S. and British-led invasion of Iraq.

2006.2 Gender Parity added as 10th Core Principle of GPS
Be it resolved that a tenth core principle on gender equity be added to the party's core principle list as follows:
Core principle #10: Gender equity
We value women and men equally.  We therefore support active and equal involvement of women in politics and encourage women in politics to assume positions of power.

2006.7 Endorse CCPA Sask Alternative Budget

Be it resolved that the GPS supports "Getting the Balance Right: Saskatchewan Alternative Budget, 2006 - 07", prepared by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Saskatchewan Office, and that a GPS government would introduce such a budget and enact other legislation to advance the social and economic and environmental goals contained in the Alternative Budget document.

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