Party Policy

Party Resolutions

2001.1 - Party membership
RESOLVED that a party membership purchased at any time of the year will be valid through the period of the next annual convention following the purchase of the membership and shall remain valid until the opening of the subsequent annual convention.

2001.2 - Electoral platform

RESOLVED that a Green Party of Saskatchewan working group be established to define a basic, electoral platform and then release it to our membership for feedback and solicitation. The electoral platform is approved at the annual convention.

2003.32. Location of GPS Convention sites

BE IT RESOLVED that the Green Party of Saskatchewan move the location of its Annual Convention withing Saskatchewan such that it is held in a smaller community in one year and in one of Regina or Saskatoon in the second year of an alternating sequence, provided that if it is not feasible to hold the GPS Convention in a smaller community, then it would revert to the larger city in that half of the province.

2004.2  Consider gender parity system for the GPS
Be it resolved that the Green Party of Saskatchewan, over the next year, begin to plan for the introduction of a gender parity system similar to that which exists with the Green Party of New Zealand. This would require an amendment to the constitution.

Constitutional Resolutions

2005.1 Name change from New Green Alliance to Green Party of Saskatchewan
Be it resolved that the Constitution of the New Green Alliance be changed so that the official name of the party will be the “Green Party of Saskatchewan”.

2005.2.   List duties of GPS Executive members

Be it resolved that
Section 2 - Provincial Bylaws, Article 8 Provincial Executive Officers, point 4 which states:
“ The order of election shall be as follows:
Party Leader
Party President
Party Vice-President
Treasurer/Chief Official Agent”

Be amended to read the following:

The order of election shall be as follows:

Party Leader
- To be responsible as the external/public voice of the Green Party of Saskatchewan
- To respond in a timely fashion, contact requests from the public, media, and organizations primarily based in Saskatchewan.
- To ensure that the passed resolutions of the Green Party of Saskatchewan are effectively communicated to the public.

Party President
- To be responsible for the internal/member voice and
direction of the Green Party of Saskatchewan
- To ENSURE Executive, Annual, and Special Meetings of

Party Vice-President
- To support the President in his/her duties
- To be the acting President when the President is unable to fulfill his/her duties for a short period of time between the Annual General Meeting

- To record minutes of each Executive, Annual, and Special Meeting of the Green Party of Saskatchewan.

Treasurer/Chief Official Agent
- To be responsible for the Provincial Accounts of the Green Party of Saskatchewan
- To be the main contact of the Green Party of Saskatchewan with Elections Saskatchewan
- To ensure the Green Party of Saskatchewan fulfills it's obligations as set out in the Saskatchewan Elections Act.

The Provincial Executive Officers shall:

- Act pro-actively to ensure the orderly functioning of the party within the framework and spirit of the Constitution of the Green Party of Saskatchewan,
- Ensure that all functionary positions are filled, - Ensure that all functionary responsibilities are undertaken in a timely and expeditious manner Engage in long term planning.
- Ensure all passed resolutions of theGreen Party of Saskatchewan are acted upon in a timely and expedient manner.
- Be the voice of the general membership in-between annual general meetings.

2005.3. Refund money donated to pay candidate deposits
Be it resolved that in the case where a donation is for a candidates deposit to allow that person to run for the GPS in a provincial election, that s/he will receive the full 100% of the donation back. The provincial party will not subtract the 12% in the situation of it being for a candidate’s deposit

2005 Fall .2 The GPS and  its relations with the GPC
Be it resolved that
[a] A committee be selected to draft and circulate a statement of concern that Saskatchewan Greens have about the policy direction and the mode of operation of the GPC under its present leadership. The draft statement will be prepared by October 1, 2005.
[b] The draft statement will be circulated around the Saskatchewan Green networks and posted on the GPS web site for one month, until the end of October 31, 2005. All members are encouraged to make their views known on this draft statement. At the end of October the executive of the GPS will review the draft and the comments and come up with a consensus position.
[c] In early November the GPS will send this statement to the GPC, other provincial Green groups, members of the GPC and the GPS, and the mass media. This statement will be signed by the members of the executive of both the GPS and the GPC Sask Division.
The drafting committee, chosen by volunteer: Neil Sinclair, Dave Greenfield, Victor Lau and Jack Warnock.

2006.1 Gender Parity within the GPS
Be it resolved that all proceedings within the party and all actions that the party takes will reflect gender equity. 

2006.3 Create a Platform Committee
Be it resolved that this annual convention create a Green Party of Saskatchewan Platform Committee:
2022.3.1 to consist of the GPS Leader and no fewer than three additional GPS members to be selected by a separate resolution at this convention.
2022.3.2 to review all resolutions adopted by the GPS since its founding as the New Green Alliance in 1998 and to determine the core positions of the GPS as expressed in those resolutions as they apply to the Platform Issues to be identified by a separate resolution at this convention.
2022.3.3 to create a draft of both concise and more detailed statements articulating these GPS positions for presentation to the Saskatchewan electorate as the GPS Platform for the next general election.
2022.3.4 to present these draft platform statements for ratification by the membership of the GPS at a special General Membership Platform Ratification Meeting, or by some other democratic process to be determined by the GPS executive if an early election call makes a general membership meeting impractical.

2006.4 Create an election readiness and election campaign committee
Be it resolved that this convention authorize the GPS executive to appoint an Election Campaign Readiness Committee consisting of representation from the GPS Executive, the GPS Platform Committee and other GPS members or GPS supporters with recognized competence to plan and execute a pre-election readiness process, and who would also co-ordinate the provincial campaign during a general election.

2006.5 Priority to recruit 58 election candidates
Be it resolved that the primary objective of the new executive elected at Convention 2006 be to recruit 58 GPS candidates as soon as possible, for the next general election, and to involve these candidates in pre-election formation experiences using the experience and support of former GPS and GPC candidates.

2006.6 Platform issues for 2007
Be it resolved that the GPS positions on the following issues constitute the GPS Election Platform for the next general election:
2022.6.1 A fair-living-wage plan
2022.6.2 A Saskatchewan-owned sustainable energy plan
2022.6.3 Taxation Reform
2022.6.4 Agriculture, land use, food production and food processing
2022.6.5 Food security strategies for all citizens
2022.6.6 Abolish poverty and establish economic and social justice for all
2022.6.7 Promote treaty education for all citizens and actively ensure the respect for both the letter and spirit of treaties with Aboriginal Peoples
2022.6.8 Actively engage Aboriginal communities in planning strategies to ensure that Aboriginal Peoples receive the full benefits of being Saskatchewan citizens
2022.6.9 Promote an addictions-free and healthy living strategy
2022.6.10 Support a preventative health model and educate health professionals according to this model
2022.6.11 Reform Crown Corporations structures and strategies to ensure they serve Saskatchewan people and support a sound and sustainable environment
2022.6.12 Electoral Reforms, especially to establish a proportional representation system
2022.6.13 Expand support for early childhood education and better support for post-secondary education and training
2022.6.14 Limit and phase out the nuclear industry in Saskatchewan
2022.6.15 Create a comprehensive natural resources strategy for the whole province to focus on healthy land in forest, parkland and grassland areas, ground and surface water systems and clean air.
2022.6.16 Promote arts, culture and tourism as important aspects of Saskatchewan life and Saskatchewan’s economy.
2022.6.17 Support and improve the quality of life of Saskatchewan citizens who are affected by mental or physical difficulties and provide better support for in home and in-community living options
2022.6.18 Recognize the contributions of Seniors and provide the supports that will enable them to continue to be valued and contributing members of the community.
2022.6.19 Re-evaluate social and justice practices to ensure that children and youth are able to develop their full potentials in safe and emotionally supportive environments
2022.6.20 Promote gender equity measures in all areas of Saskatchewan life
2022.6.21 Reform the Saskatchewan Justice system in both civil and criminal areas introducing a "Restorative Justice" model and provide education in this model to people working in prevention, enforcement and rehabilitation, and bring necessary reforms to the areas of child protection and family law.
2022.6.22 Revise legislation to ensure that private and corporate ownership rights do not infringe on the common good and long-term health of the environment
2022.6.23 Immediately limit the spread of Intensive Livestock operations and enforce effective safeguards for the quality of life of people and the health of the environment.
Be it further resolved that the list may be refined by additions or deletions as suggested by the platform committee, to be ratified by convention or special general meeting of the members.

2006.12 GPS to form a Communications Committee
Be it resolved that the executive of the GPS form a communication team at this convention to be in charge of drafting and putting out press releases in accordance with GPS policy

2006.13 Seek gender parity for election candidates
Be it resolved that the GPS make a serious effort to achieve gender parity among candidates for political office.

2006.14 Research Dual Leadership for GPS
Be it resolved that the GPS will engage in a period of research (from October 14, 2021 to the date of the 2007 AGM) to review the practice of dual leadership and to present an in depth report to be published in the Weaver within 30 days of the 2007 AGM. The report will provide the necessary background information for members to make an informed decision at the 2007 AGM. This engagement will include the commitment to vote without further delay on the practice of dual leadership at this same AGM. The resolution to be voted on subject to amendments by the research committee is presently the following: and
" Be it further resolved that the GPS will elect dual leaders (one man and one woman) as a first step in the practice of gender parity. If passed, this amendment will go into effect immediately, initiating the party's first election of dual leaders. In the event that two candidates cannot be found, the party will attempt to fill the vacant position at the next general meeting. "

2007.1 Greener Green Memberships
Be it resolved that the Green Party of Saskatchewan will offer “Greener Memberships” where by a member may pay 200 dollars to remain as a member in good standing without annual membership renewal, and have sections 2.1.2 and 2.5.3 of the Green Party of Saskatchewan’s bylaws not apply to their membership.

2007.2 Membership Fee Change

Be it resolved that the membership fee be set at $10.00

2007.3 Changes to how GPS memberships are processed
(Note: numbering of sections refers to numbering sequence prior to changes that are made to the Constitution and Bylaws by resolutions passed at the GPS AGM)
Be it resolved to insert Item 2.1 "Processing of Memberships" (as follows) and renumber the other items under 2.0 accordingly.
2.1.0 Processing of Memberships
2.1.1 Applications for new and renewed membership flow from existing members, theweb-site, meetings and events to the Treasurer of the Green Party of Saskatchewan.
2.1.2 Membership Application forms for the Green Party of Saskatchewan present theoption to simultaneously join the Green Party of Canada.
2.1.3 One cheque and one form are used.
2.1.4 The Treasurer deposits all membership fees and donations in the Provincial bankaccount.
2.1.5 The Treasurer writes one cheque to the Green Party of Canada for accumulated monies belonging to them. The cheque is forwarded along with photo-copies of the related individual membership application forms to the Ottawa office.
Be it further resolved to add items 2.2 to 2.6. 2.2.0 Expiry of Membership
2.2.1 Memberships expire at the beginning of the Annual General Meeting, if they were purchased more than three months prior to the AGM.
2.3.0 Issuance of Membership Cards
2.3.1 Membership cards are issued at the same time as the application and fees are received, if possible. A box on the application form tracks issuance of the cards.
2.3.2 Membership cards are mailed out by the Treasurer if the box on the application form has not been checked off.
2.3.3 When the GPS and when the Provincial Division of the GPC are processing memberships, they will receipt the member with both the GPS and the GPC membership cards, if both membership fees have been paid.
2.4.0 Printing of Membership Cards
2.4.1 One member designated by the President maintains and distributes the supply of membership cards.
2.5.0 Maintenance of Membership Lists
2.5.1 One member designated by the President maintains the membership list.
2.5.2 Membership applications are processed by the Treasurer and then forwarded to this Membership Chairperson.
2.6 Provincial Memberships that Originate within the Federal Party
2.6.1 The process is the same, but in reverse.
Add 2.3.3 Provincial party memberships have a box that allows us to share information
with the GPC and have the wording of this option on the membership form be the same
as the GPC's membership form.
Add sentence to end of 2.2.1 that says "this does not apply to Greener Green

Removed 2.3.3
Amendment Carries
Main Motion Carried as Amended

2007.11 Memorandum of Agreement between GPC and GPS
Be it resolved that:
2021.11.1 The Annual Convention direct the Executive of the Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) to work toward finalization of a Memorandum of Understanding between the GPS and the Green Party of Canada (GPC).
2021.11.2 Members of the Green Party in Saskatchewan who have email, be kept informed of progress through copies of the email communications between the GPS and the GPC in the negotiation of the MOU.
Motion Carried.

2007.14 Platform 2007 Highlights approved

Be it resolved that the 2007 Election Platform Highlights as printed in the WEAVER be adopted with the addition to the "New Energy Policy" that the GPS will promote alternative energy resources while strengthening regulations over depleting oil and gas reserves, and that the GPS will oppose nuclear power and uranium refining, and phase out coal-burning power plants.

2007.15 Create an Elections-Preparedness Committee

That the executive create an election preparedness committee that will prepare a package for all potential candidates to help them in preparing for elections

2007.16 Resolution to Create a Position of Deputy Leader:
Be it resolved:
2007.16.1 That the GPS create the constitutional position of Deputy Leader,
2007.16.2. That the Deputy Leader be an elected voting member of the GPS Executive,
2007.16.3 That the Deputy Leader be elected annually at the annual general meeting of the GPS, concurrent with the election of the other members of the GPS Executive,
2007.16.4 That the vote for the election of Deputy Leader be held after the vote for the election for Party Leader, and that members be encouraged, when possible, to fill the Deputy Leader position with someone of the opposite gender to the Leader,
2007.16.5 That in the event of the death or resignation of the Deputy Leader, a replacement for the Deputy Leader shall be chosen by the GPS Executive at the next meeting of the GPS Executive,
2007.16.6 That in the event of the death or resignation of the Leader, the Deputy Leader shall automatically become the interim leader until the next meeting of the GPS Executive, at which time the GPS Executive may either confirm the interim leader as Party Leader, and choose a new Deputy Leader or, alternately, choose someone else to be Party Leader, returning the interim leader to the position of Deputy Leader.
2007.16.7 This resolution shall come into effect as of the opening of the 2008 annual general meeting.

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