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Sent to Regina Leader Post and Saskatoon Star Phoenix:

Dear Editor;

Murray Mandryk describes the Green Party as a "fringe party" similar to the Marijuana and Western Independence Parties (SP and LP July 11). He then quotes Professor Ken Rasmussen (University of Regina): the Greens are a "single-issue party." Ouch.

The challenge is on! I would accept “small party” but … “fringe”? Fringe would mean that Green views don't represent average citizens, that they are more extreme that those of most people.

Today it’s “fringe” to believe that climate change is not real. In times past the Green Party may have become fringe because it was informed and ahead of the crowd. It is a thought leader. When the crowd catches up we become mainstream. Other parties follow.

“ Single issue”?

Without environmental protection there is no social justice. The less advantaged cannot afford to buy their way to clean water or uncontaminated food (to health).

A smart “advantaged” person also knows that their grandchildren will not be able to buy their way to security and health of person if we do not achieve social justice and environmental protection in our generation. The future of our children is threatened if we cannot find the path to peace, respect, and fairness among the peoples of the world.

I invite you to acquaint yourself with the Green Party and its people. You will find well-developed and specific policies that cover a range of issues. Yes, we address energy sources, protection of water supply and climate change. But we also have concrete proposals for Canadian ownership, sustainable development, sharing with indigenous communities, and ending subsidies to transnational corporations. There is policy on agriculture and food, electoral reform, health, resource development, and education.

Health policy focuses on prevention. Weapons made with depleted uranium used in killing wars put radioactive dust particulars in the winds of the world. They travel in the same way as chemicals from the south turn arctic fish into toxic food not recommended for eating. High cancer rates, asthma, and developmental problems in children are associated with contamination.

The Greens work to improve democracy in Canada. The sole responsibility of government is the public interest. Too often the governments protect the self-interest of large corporations and the influential. An uncompromised regulatory system that delivers health-giving air, water, soil, and food in the long term is a must. Decision-making motivated by short term power has created serious problems that will be remedied by changes to our electoral system. And by the votes that "go green" as the momentum of the Green Party grows.

Green Party policy is largely common sense that takes responsibility for tomorrow’s children. It is my heritage and responsibility, in the example set by my grandparents, to foresee and to “save” so that grandchildren will be okay. Most people in Saskatchewan have that same view. This is the Green Party.

I welcome questions (306-373-8078), or visit our web-site: and/or

If the Green Party is “single issue”, the issue is the search for a new way of being in this world, a way of being that ensures a fair future.


Sandra Finley,
Leader, Green Party of Saskatchewan
656 Saskatchewan Cres East
Saskatoon SK
S7N 0L1

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