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Military Adventures.

Hezbolla members firing rockets into Israel was a war crime. Israel's
planes bombing urban centres in Lebanon, where they knew civilians lived
was a war crime.All acts of war are a crime against humanity. War is the
ultimate human failure. In a war, whether you live or die, whether you
are maimed or not, there are no unwounded soldiers or civilians, when
human beings are involved in trying to kill each other.

Our Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, despite their courage and
professed good intentions in the battle field are facing an impossible
situation under the present Afghan regime.

Hamid Karzai is now president of Afghanistan. He received immense covert
and monetary support ,[possibly as much as $195 million], from the
American oil lobby and the Bush administration. Zalmay Klalilzad, the
real power behind the Afghan election, was the American ambassador from
2003 to 2005. He is now the US ambassador to Iraq. The ancestry of both
men is Afghan. Both have worked for US oil interests, in particular,
Unocal. Karzai was employed by the CIA. Klalilzad has been working for
American government and political interests since 1979.

During the Afghan election campaign many voters were threatened or
bribed to vote for their not so favorite candidate. This made it
possible for President Karzai to appoint to important government
positions, many who were chosen from among Islamic fundamentalists,
Northern Alliance warlords or drug barons. For example, the chief
justice in Karzai's regime is one Fazil Hali Shinwira. He held this
position in 1990. Shinwira stated that he would maintain,
[1] adulterers would be stoned to death,[2] thieves would have their
hands cut off, [3] consumers of alcohol given 80 lashes,[4] Christians
would be threatened, expelled, or, as a last resort, beheaded. However,
he did say that in this regard there would be more due process than
under the Taliban.

Malilai Joya, a 28 year old elected member of the Afghan Parliament
spoke out in that assembly on behalf of those who elected her. She dared
to say that some elected mujahideen had "killed tens of thousands of
innocent people". For saying that, some members shouted out that she was a
prostitute and a communist, and she should be raped, stabbed and killed.
She lives in imminent danger of being assassinated.

The citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq, particularly women and children,
are numbed with the oppression and the violence of harsh sanctions and
years of war. Their only hope would be to have all the foreign troops
pull out of those two countries. Then have all members of the UN
assemble, meet with all regional factions in the area, listen to them,
and then try to initiate a diplomatic resolution to start this planet
Earth towards a journey of peace. This would of course, require that the
most powerful nations refrain from using their power of veto.

Leo Kurtenbach,