Policy Backgrounder Articles

Note: The following articles do not necessarily represent GPS policy or GPS Principles.  They are included here to support the reader's understanding of the background required for an appreciation of the issues.

Energy Issues:

Nuclear & Saskatchewan's links 

Hydrogen Fuel Concerns

Ethanol Issues; Two articles

Ethanol Ethics; a Sask Notes Article as PDF File

New Energy Regime Needed

"Clean Coal" not right path for Saskatchewan

New solar cells break efficiency records

Global Radiation Pollution from U.S. Weapons

Sweden Plans for an Oil Free Future

Nuclear Power had Bad Year in 2005

Nuclear Power Poor Economics for Saskatchewan

Only Greens Oppose Nuclear Industry in Saskatchewan

Climate Issues:

Global Warming; the Report of the International Panel on Climate Change; issued Feb 2, 2022 in PDF format.

Clean Coal Megaproject planned for Saskatchewan

Global Warming an Urgent Issue


Green Issues - Air and Climate 

Saskatchewan's three main-line parties have history of opposing Kyoto objectives

Stormy Weather; Linked to Global Warming?

Agriculture & Food Issues:

Agriculture and Trade

Think Global, Eat Local

Green Issues - Agriculture and the Land

Western Premiers Betray Farmers, Consumers and Environment

Agribusiness Profits

Federal Agriculture Policy and the future of organic agriculture; an open letter to Ralph Goodale by Elmer Laird

Structural Adjustment in Canadian Agriculture

New vision for Sask Agriculture Needed

Threats to Saskatchewan Biodiversity Identified

Farm Income Crisis

GPS sees GE wheat as threat to economy

Organic Food Industry in U.S. Splits Over Food Additives

Biotech & World Hunger; an analysis

Green Issues - Food Security and Safety

Links for Planning for Food Security

Food Charters; --A model for positive political and social evolution--

Mad Cow was a Disaster
Waiting to Happen - Andrew Nikiforuk

Mad Cow Predictable (Dec 2003)

Information on Mad Cow Disease (Jan, 2004)

Farmers; Endangered Species -- A U.S. Perspective

GE Crops - Going Against the Grain

GMO Issue Intensifies Globalization/WTO Debate

Debunk GE Myths

GE Crops Increase Pesticide Use

Release of new variety of GE wheat irreversible

Animal Waste Management Articles

NDP Increases Support For Hog Industry; a response

Groundwater Contamination by Manure Storage

Terminator Technology Rejected

A Load of Manure;  issues with animal waste use

Electoral Reform Issues

Theory of Green Democracy



Proportional Representation as part of Electoral Reform

Taxation & Social Justice Issues:

New report on Canada's income gap

Inequality & Poverty

Welfare study shows need for guaranteed income

Wage supplements answer for working poor? A CCPA document in PDF format

Wayne Easter Report Summary:  Why efficiency will not secure fair farm incomes.  A PDF Document

"An Alternate Taxation and Revenue Plan", an essay by John Warnock

A Community Development Tax Plan A discussion paper.

Getting the Balance Right:  The complete CCPA Alternate Budget for Saskatchewan for 2006, or click here to see a two page sumary, or click here to go to the document source

Economic Inequity Continues

Health Issues:

Presciption Drug Plan Election Issue 2007

Monsanto Food Damages Health

Reform of Canada's gutted Social Safety Net needed

Agricultural Pesticides Impact on Children

Another way to kill Medicare

Public Vs Private Health Care Funding Debate; An American perspective

Avian influenza goes global, but don't blame the birds


Local Decisions and the Health System; an essay by Garth Herman

NGA Health System Perspectives

Depleted Uranium

Fyke Report; Review and Comments

Children With Complex Medical Needs Fall between Cracks; Letter from parents to Min. of Health

Reource Development Issues:

Province not Prepared for ‘Big Boom’ Impacts in Northern Saskatchewan; CPAWS press release in PDF format

Link to a PDF file from CCPA - BC proposing a new forestry revenue sharing deal for BC Aboriginal Peoples.  Interesting reading for Saskatchewan citizens too.  

Green Issues - Corporate Accountability

Commons Stolen from the Public; John Kennedy Speech

Green Issues - Water

Research Needed to Secure Water

South Sask River Basin water flow predicted to fall

The Harmony Foundation has produced a new resource called "Troubled Waters: A Profile for Community Action", a 77 page document with ideas and resources for community inititatives to promote water conservation and protection. If you would like to order a copy, please contact them at harmony@islandnet.com or go to their website at 222.harmonyfdn.ca

Flouride Deception

Safe Rural Water for Saskatchewa

Try conservation to provide water security

Green Issues - Forests

Protecting Saskatchewan's Forests; a Straight Goods Article

FSC Certification achieved by Mistik Forestry Company. 

Forest Stewardship Council Principles

FFCC Recommendations re Saskatchewan Forests and FSC Certification

Resort Lakes threatened by NDP forest clear-cut policies

Forestry Options; A Presentation to the CCPA Citizen's Budget Committee

A Website that deals with issues of a sustainable economy; click on the banner:

Education Issues:

Strengthening Saskatchewan Communities through Education

Education and NGA Policies


 NGA Policy on Post Secondary Education Concerns

University Tuition Proposal

K- 12 Education Funding Needs Major Reform

Miscellaneous topics and issues

We need better ways to measure the economy.

Making Privatization an Election Issue (2007)

The worst features of NAFTA found in TILMA (coming to Saskatchewan soon?)

NAFTA Fails North American Workers

WTO And Doha Round Collapse

Integration with U.S. a real concern for Saskatchewan & Canada 

Environmentalism In an Age of Globalization

Free Trade Myth Ends

Miscellaneous topics and issues

A GPS Candidate answers questions from the Prince Albert Chamber of Commerce; Public Forum Oct 30, 2021

A GPS Candidate answers questions from the Foam Lake Review on Election 2007 issues

Answers to questions from the Tisdale Review by Elaine Hughes

Natural Resources Fuel New Cold War

CSIS Targets Environmentalists, Anti-Globalization Activists

DeMarco - Ideas for a more effective environmental movement in Canada (A PDF Document)


    Link to a PDF document that studies the historic relationship between three Canadian National Parks and the Aboriginal peoples affected by their creation.

How to Make Work Work for All of Saskatchewan

Sask Labour Fights Back

Public Services and Community Crowns—It’s the Saskatchewan Way! — by Don Mitchell 

Green Issues - Urban and Rural Living 

No Fault Auto Insurance


Hog Industry Analyzed by Auditor General

No Public Review Planned by Sask Environment

Farm Gallows Humour (From NFU)

MAS Technology making GM Foods obsolete?

Al Gore Needs to Educate Calvert and Sask MLA's



Green Issues - Quality of Life

Gambling; An Issue for Saskatchewan Communities

"Quality Saskatchewan" An essay by Gerald Regnitter

Defining "Healthy Society"; Speaking notes by Dan Parrott

Pollution Release Sites Map from Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy organization.

Urban Pesticide Contamination Issues

Radio Ad; NGA Commitment to Saskatchewan

Nov 5 2003 Election Results (Unofficial) CBC tries to influence Election outcome

Media Reform

APAS (Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan) and RM Membership; some serious questions

Comments on U.S. Election 2004

Nuclear Crime: Corporate profits

NGA Replies to SUMA Concerns

How Saskatchewan Can Develop A Sustainable Environment and A Worker-Friendly Economy — by Jan Norris 

Factory Farms; Keep informed on the issue by checking out these articles and links.

On the Kill Floor at the Brandon Pork Plant


Negotiation or Confrontation; Settling Specific Native Land Claims / or not.

UN Declaration on Rights of Indiginous Peoples  opposed by Harper Government

A GPS Perspective on the Saskatchewan Politial Scene

The NGA in Saskatchewan; and essay by John Warnock

Calvert Becomes Grant Devine!

The New Saskatchewan NDP, an article by John Warnock  (Understanding the Romanow-Calvert Economics)

Kids Don't Try This at Home; a perspective from below the 49th