New report on Canada's income gap


Subject: CCPA releases new report on Canada's income gap

March 3, 2022

CCPA releases new report on Canada's income gap
Canada's gap between rich and poor is growing, during the best of economic times, at a time when it should be shrinking.

That's the conclusion of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative's new report, The Rich and The Rest of Us: The Changing Face of Canada's Growing Gap by economist Armine Yalnizyan.

The richest 10% of families raising children now make 82 times more than the poorest 10% -- that's almost triple what they made a generation ago.

And here's the thing. The gap is no longer just about the poor being left behind.

The majority of families are working more, helping to grow the economy. They're playing by all the rules, but they're not getting the payback. 80% of families are running harder to stay in place - and half are falling behind.

The richest 10% are getting the lion's share of economic growth. Their earnings grew by 30% while most families saw their incomes rise slightly, stay in place, or drop. The richest 10% are literally breaking away from the rest of us.

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CCPA launches new website
Do you wonder if your family is doing better or worse financially compared to other Canadian families? Our Where Do I Fit? tool will give you the answer - and the answer just might surprise you.

There's more, but you have to go to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' new dedicated website to read about it. is a resource for anyone looking to learn more about income inequality in Canada. The content on the site is user-friendly and will be continuously updated as the CCPA releases a series of new studies and snapshots of the growing gap in the weeks and months to come. is refreshed constantly with blogs about income inequality in Canada, linking readers to articles and studies related to the growing gap as they appear in publications through the nation. is the place to go for the CCPA's growing gap research and publications. But the website also offers user-friendly fact sheets, an on-line poll about the growing gap, and it features a brand new interactive tool that helps Canadians see where they fit into the gap.