Victor Lau scores majority win at Green Party leadership meeting in Regina

Sunday, September 25th, 2011. 5PM

The contest for the leadership of The Green Party of Saskatchewan became a battle between interim leader Victor Lau, and Saskatoon candidate Larry Waldinger on Sunday afternoon in Regina. Victor Lau won majority support with 63 of 106 votes counted. Larry Waldinger came in second with 38 votes, while Brendan Cross got 3 votes.

Lau was deputy leader of the party until September 6th when former leader Larissa Shasko resigned to join the NDP. Victor was endorsed by candidates in Saskatoon at Elizabeth May's speaking event held that evening, and confirmed to be interim leader by the party executive a week later. The party chose a 14-day leadership race to have a permanent leader selected before the Dropping of the Writ of Saskatchewan upcoming Provincial Election.

The leadership meeting saw the morning devoted to a round-table discussion, with the leadership vote beginning at 1PM. Each candidate was allowed ten minutes for a speech followed by a few questions. Results were announced at 4PM.

The new elected deputy leader is Mark Bigland-Pritchard who won by a difference of 1 vote.

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