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Platforms from previous elections, as well as GPS Policies represent issues that a GPS Government would address in a mandate to govern Sasktchewan.  The latest Platform 2007 represents the most recent priority considerations that the GPS is bringing to the Saskatchewan Electorate.

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Saskatchewan can have an energy plan that protects jobs and our environment

The Saskatchewan's environment and resources belong to Saskatchewan people of today and to all future generations; let’s not give them away to large foreign corporations!

Taxes must be fair! Property taxes are too high and wealthy resource industries continue to get tax reductions.


Saskatchewan farmers can make Saskatchewan-grown products prized, world-recognized quality food. To realize this we need to control the spread of large agribusiness which degrades the quality of our environment, the quality of our food products, and the health of local economies.


A “quality” Saskatchewan society will exist when we ensure that the economically and socially marginalised members of our community are treated in the just and supportive manner we all deserve.

Food insecurity affects all of us. Food Charters point the way to creative solutions.

Saskatchewan is a land of great people, resources, beauty, and with fantastic communities and institutions. Now is the time to certify this fact and let the rest of Canada and the world know that “Saskatchewan” means “Quality”.

Saskatchewan’s vast forests need to be managed now in a manner that will ensure the long-term survival of this great resource so that it can continue to nourish our spirits and support much of our economy.

Saskatchewan surface and ground water resources belong to all of us and sustain our economy and our very lives. We must protect this vital resource for the present and the long-term futureaccording to the United Nations declaration on water rights.

Quality and affordable education for our young people continues to be a top Saskatchewan value. Funding fairness and the voice of the local community need to be restored.


Saskatchewan people deserve an electoral system which ensures that every voter’s voice is heard in government. Saskatchewan deserves a proportional representation electoral system!

A sound health system requires a healthy environment. We need to focus our efforts to preventing illness and restoring the voice of local communities in the decision-making process.

A prosperous and positive future for all Saskatchewan people requires a profound respect for the historic and present relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal citizens. Our shared society will benefit from meaningful dialogue which will help us find better ways to live together on this land.

When government applies resource revenues to community development, all Saskatchewan citizens must benefit.

We need to control our own economic future. Saskatchewan people need to take back democratic control of our economy from large corporations and their international trade rules.


It is the energy and creativity of Saskatchewan workers in all sectors of our community that truly creates the wealth and all the good things our land provides. We need laws and an economy that promotes fair and sound labour policies and practices.

Saskatchewan Crown Corporations serve us well when they provide our society with basic services and invest any profits in the local Saskatchewan economy.


The international uranium industry operates in Saskatchewan in a manner that threatens the long term health of Saskatchewan residents and the Saskatchewan environment. This must change!

Gambling is a destructive and regressive form of taxation.  Decisions about gambling must be returned to communities


Genetically engineerd wheat, including test plots, and all other new genetically engineered organisms must be banned from Saskatchewan!


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