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Larissa Shasko, a 27 year-old student of Political Science at the University of Regina who lives in Moose Jaw, is the newly elected Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan (as of April 2009). Larissa Shasko has been a candidate for the Green Party three times in the past three years, twice federally in the riding of Palliser (2006 & 2008), and once provincially in the riding of Moose Jaw Wakamow (2007). She currently serves on the Green Party of Canada Federal Council and is the Young Greens of Canada Finance and Administrative Chair. “The Green Party of Saskatchewan is the only political party in Saskatchewan who stands united against nuclear,” said Shasko. “Despite flawed and biased UDP consultation processes and a complete lack of transparency from the Sask Party Government, we will fight hard to keep Saskatchewan nuclear free, and we will win,” Shasko continued. According to Larissa Shasko, spending billions of dollars on costly nuclear power would rob Saskatchewan of the chance to go green with clean and safe energy through increased energy conservation and renewable energy technologies. “We only get one chance to fight climate change. This is our chance to go green and to go renewable,” said Shasko.


Larissa was born and raised in Saskatchewan and currently resides in Moose Jaw with her husband, Ryan Stusek.  She is forever committed to trying to save the environment from the harm that the human race has so blindly inflicted upon it. "I base my initiatives and ideologies on what is best for our citizens and for our planet, not for government or corporations. It is time for solutions that will prepare and repair this province for our children and for future generations."


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